1. Claim, create, and optimize your Google My Business listing

But photos of the storefront and interior of the business) I won’t go into the details Belize WhatsApp Number List in this article on optimizing listings, so here’s a detailed article on creating a Google My Business listing Belize WhatsApp Number List and here’s an article on declaring and optimizing your Google My Business listing. We even have a post on the best image sizes if you need guidance there. 2. Get more customer reviews that’s right!

You need to pay attention to soon

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again a million times. Local businesses Belize WhatsApp Number List need reviews to rank higher in searches. Reviews show trust in search engines and consumers. In fact, a 2016 BrightLocal survey showed that 84% of people believe that online reviews are just as important as personal recommendations. Reviews are so Belize WhatsApp Number List important that Google actually displays the number of review stars a business receives in a local pack. As a Belize WhatsApp Number List consumer, would you click on a listing of a one-star business?

Here are the basics to include in a Google My Business listing:

I will not. Google My Business Reviews Notice how Belize WhatsApp Number List the image above shows businesses with only one star, the “1” in parentheses next to the star means they only have Belize WhatsApp Number List one review. I’m sure they have at least some happy customers who will give them positive reviews. (If they don’t, they won’t stay in business.) In addition to the process for dealing with negative reviews, set up a simple process to help your local business customers get Belize WhatsApp Number List more reviews and monitor them.

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