1 in 10 Households Have a Touchscreen Tablet in France

The tablet market continues to grow and in 2012 reached 10% market share in computer equipment against 60% for smartphones. Competition is fierce between manufacturers, the latest fashion being for less expensive and small-sized terminals (about 7 inches). With the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini, tablets are trying to compete with Kindle-type readers with application. And content stores offering more and more books, but also music games and films. More than ever. The tablet is between the smartphone and the laptop, while we (often) already have both. Médiamétrie has just released a study focusing on tablet equipment in French homes.

The Tablet Market Continues to Grow


3 million households own tablets, which is equivalent to 1 in 10 French people. For comparison, the figure was 2.2 million in the first quarter, an increase of more than 30%. The study focuses on the most affected sections of the population, the figures vary according to the location (city, countryside), the composition of the household (number of children) or even the digital environment. This last criterion Lithuania WhatsApp Number is interesting. The results show that a household with a tablet is already well equipped. First figure, 95% of them have Internet access, against 74% for non-tablet owners. 60% have a triple play offer (internet, telephone, television) and nearly 25% of them have a connected television.

Competition Is Fierce Between Manufacturers

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The tablet is therefore included in a strong digital universe, which materializes in the uses related to Social TV and second screens. The phenomenon is progressing noticeably in France to such an extent that Katie Stanton, international marketing manager at Twitter, told Le Web last week that French television media were ahead of the field. Social TV in France comes down mainly to Twitter and its famous live-tweet. As proof, last week was the most active in this area with 1,350,000 tweets, including 420,000 dedicated to the Miss France 2013 show. of Social TV. Let’s finish with a figure: the time spent using mobile applications (smartphone and tablet) now rivals the time spent in front of the television. And the trend is not ready to stop.

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