1. None of your current staff have the skills you need

the world should prepare for a wave of resignations. USA Phone Number List This means company leadership needs to prepare their HR teams and get their production teams to strike a new balance between freelancers and full-time employees to succeed. USA Phone Number List What is the difference between an independent contractor and a full-time employee Companies are seeing a sea change in how employees relate to traditional USA Phone Number List employer-employee relationships.

2. Orders are rolling in faster than you can fulfill them

Many employers will be stressed during the production cycle as millions of knowledge workers realize they don’t need to be in a physical office to get work done. USA Phone Number List This revelation will lead to high-skilled knowledge workers looking for work elsewhere, which will lead to a skills gap in thousands of companies around the world. USA Phone Number List  As a result, more companies than ever will be looking to contractors and freelancers to fill the void left by the exodus of full-time marketing employees.

1. None of your current staff have the skills you need
1. None of your current staff have the skills you need

3. You hit a creative block

If you’re currently feeling understaffed and don’t know which solution to turn to, hiring a freelancer might be the perfect fit for your business. USA Phone Number List Freelancers are cost-effective because they can work by the hour or by task, and you should know when you need to hire a freelancer based on your project and company goals. But what if you need more than one person? Well, this is where things get tricky, USA Phone Number List because it’s hard to find time for two employees other than your day-to-day tasks as a boss.

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