10 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

When working on a computer, maintaining good productivity is not always easy. From social networks to small time-consuming games accessible with a single click on the Internet, there are many sources of distraction. Fortunately, to increase productivity, browser extensions exist. They allow you to easily access professional tools, to organize yourself well, to be alerted in the event of a new email or to control a PC remotely… We have selected 10 extensions for Google Chrome in order to increase your daily productivity. chrome-webstore Manage your task list and projects from Google Chrome Google Chrome offers many extensions to manage its tasks . The ideal is to use the same application everywhere: on mobile, on your browser, and in the desktop application if necessary. The best task management tools offer extensions for Google Chrome. We think in particular of Todoist , which makes a powerful extension available to its users.

Manage Your Task List and Projects From Google Chrome


It allows you to access your tasks, add them, finish them, postpone them to procrastinate… In short, all the features of the application combined in a Chrome extension. Access your emails and be alerted of new messages If you use Google to browse the web, you may also use it to access your emails. Gmail is thus one of the most used services for sending emails. There are many Chrome extensions Guatemala WhatsApp Number List to access your email from your browser: Google message checker : an icon appears to the right of the omnibox and indicates the number of unread emails. It turns on itself when a message arrives. Checker Plus for Gmail : If the official extension is not enough for you, you can use this one. It allows you to view an extract of emails and respond to them without changing tabs. You get a desktop notification whenever an email arrives, which is handy. KeyRocket for Gmail: an excellent extension for learning Gmail keyboard shortcuts .

Access Your Emails and Be Alerted of New Messages

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key rocket Storing documents in the cloud has become a habit. Convenient for not losing your files and accessing them from anywhere… even from a browser! Dropbox , Box and the others offer extensions that are a little too simplistic for our taste. Google goes further by providing its users with a host of applications for Google Drive , thanks to a complete API. Save to Google Drive : Save screenshots to Google Drive. Checker Plus for Google Drive : to easily access your files stored on Drive. Gantter for Google Drive : a complete application for completing projects, creating Gantt charts, sharing information and collaborating on ongoing projects. Control a PC remotely from Google Chrome Applications for controlling a computer remotely help increase productivity: you no longer have to travel, you can troubleshoot a colleague in a few clicks from your workstation. They are also useful when you need to perform a task on a PC without having access to it. This is exactly what “ Google Chrome Remote Desktop ” offers . A simple and effective application, created by Google, to control the PC of your choice, remotely.

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