10 Free and Royalty-free Photo Sites

If the image banks allow you to pay to use a particular photo, at more. Or less expensive prices depending on the quality and the associated rights. Some also offer a catalog of free royalty-free photos. Convenient for using good quality photos! Other image banks are completely free: if the quality of the photographs is generally a little less accomplished, the number of images available is sometimes gigantic! Each free image bank has its own terms of use, find out about the possible uses. Some sites allow the use of photographs for a commercial project, such as Bajstock.

You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for with these 10 free and royalty-free photo sites! Fotolia, a selection of free photographs The site offers a number of free and royalty-free files (0 credits). If access to the service is completely free, you will need to create an account or use an existing account to download them. The images are available in various formats, the definitions depend on each photo. This information is available just before you upload the unwatermarked image.  is a free stock image bank. It belongs to the royalty-free stock image bank Getty Images.

Fotolia, a Selection of Free Photographs


The photos available on the site are generally of good quality. You simply need to create an account to download the images in high definition and the previews are displayed without watermark. The site says it’s not responsible for copyright infringement (it doesn’t control postings) and encourages users to check photo sources to make sure they’re free. of rights. Flickr, the reference for Creative Argentina WhatsApp Number List Commons photographs In recent years, many competitors have come to shake Flickr.

Since its takeover by Yahoo, the site specializing in photography has seen many alternatives launch. We think of 500px or social networks like Instagram which capture a large part of image sharing today (although quantity does not always rhyme with quality). Nevertheless, the site remains a reference. Photographers can choose between several licenses when adding a photograph to Flickr. The service even offers a specialized search engine to find photographs under Creative Commons license.

Google Images, Limit the Search to Royalty-free Photos


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with Internet users. The service receives an average of 10,000 unique visitors per day, nearly 60,000 people have an account and more than 38,000 free images are available! The authorized uses are the same for all the photographs retrieved from the site: you can for example use them on a non-commercial site or as a wallpaper, but it is forbidden (among others) to use them to create a registered logo , an illustration intended for sale, etc. Google Images, limit the search to royalty-free photos When looking for a photo or an illustration, the first instinct may be to turn to Google Images.

If the engine is efficient for searching web pages, it is just as efficient for obtaining photos and images. But beware: by default, the search includes all photos, royalty-free images such as those protected by copyright! You will therefore have to tell Google that you are only looking for free images. First, go to the Google Images advanced search and modify the “usage rights” drop-down menu.

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