10 Tumblrs to Waste Your Time

The recent takeover by Yahoo did not change the popularity of the TumblR platform. These micro-blogs have exploded in recent years, and a particular consumption makes them the main interest: the ability of some to bring together in the same space animated images/gifs on the same theme. A monomania that can turn out to be very funny, the angles chosen being often very specialized/offbeat/WTF. And to really take advantage of it, the goal is usually to go through all the pages in a row to really soak up the spirit.

A perfect summer activity, then, when procrastination takes over and 5-minute breaks on the web Sweden B2B List turn into two-hour slots. Too hot to go out? Sit quietly in the shade with our selection of 10 Tumb lRs that have been a hit in recent months! Of course, we are waiting for your favorites in the comments. And for the rest, we recommend the excellent TumblR “ tumblr of the day ” to discover more! Dear  Community life is not always easy.

In Royalty Free Life


Especially when we do not choose the people around us. A poorly insulated apartment? A loud neighbor? It can quickly escalate. The most striking results are gathered on this , devoted to courteous (or not) little words left in stairwells or in mailboxes. We are thinking of you A perfect  for the summer. Finally especially perfect to annoy you! The idea here is to put in parallel in each post a Sweden B2B List holiday photo and its equivalent at work. All you have to do is choose your side… In royalty free life Stock photos, sometimes, make absolutely no sense. Really. Ridiculous scenarios, far-fetched montages of colorful expression, staging without any sense, we sometimes have the impression of being taken for buzzards. This does not prevent certain sites from buying his images to illustrate soulless corporate sites.

Shitty Word Games

Sweden B2B List
Sweden B2B List


But that is something else! This Tumb lR selects the most ridiculous images and even classifies them by themes. LOL Hairdressers Who’s the best for the most far-fetched puns? Failed, it’s neither Libé nor The team, it’s the hairdressers. The number of forums displaying puns and variations of “tif” is far too high not to have its own TumblR. Here is the creme de la creme. Well Named It is Sweden B2B List well known, we live in a time when the title of articles has become more important than their content.

Thank you Twitter and other attention-limiting spaces. Without an effective hook, your writings risk quickly falling into oblivion. But here, we are approaching the top of the top, the most eye-catching and WTF titles possible. Thank you PQR. Urgent looking for intern Internships are a necessary step to fully understand the world of work and gain initial experience. Yes, but some companies tend to abuse it, taking on interns (unpaid if possible) instead of employees.

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