10 Types of Social Media Fans

Among the communities of fans, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, there are typical behaviors. The trolls, great Internet classics. The quibblers who will let you know that you forgot a comma or, on the contrary. The perfect fans, always ready to support you and thank you. We have drawn up a small overview of the 10 behaviors of fans on social networks. To be taken with tweezers and in the Qatar WhatsApp Number List second degree. But they all contain a part of truth. The troll The troll takes advantage of the advantage of anonymity on the web to let loose against your brand. And your various posts. It is sometimes tempting to try to reason with him, but we are often left with a fruitless exchange that would last for hours. Unless you have a level 99 counter-troll, ignoring or banishing them is the best thing to do.

The Fan Who Doesn’t Understand


Hate him Great classic, the hater will systematically rot you each post or tweet. It is his greatest passion. To be sure of achieving his goals, he stops at nothing: insults, multi-accounts to thwart bans, comments on each status, speaking out in forums… The blackmailer Very often Qatar WhatsApp Number List the blackmailer is convinced that his little influence can be enough to make your brand sink. If you do not give in to their slightest desire, they will threaten you with bad buzz. Even though sometimes the requests may be legitimate, the threat of lynching 2.0 is always dubious in form. Note however that most of these blackmailers greatly overestimate their real influence, and that apart from their girlfriend, their mother, and 2 or 3 friends, they will not involve many people in their crusade.

The Spelling Handicapped

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Qatar WhatsApp Number List


The fan who doesn’t understand Typically, he will react to a Facebook post without having read its content. And sure of himself, he will not hesitate to make great theories or to contradict you without even having read the content. Sometimes it’s more tricky, he simply won’t Qatar WhatsApp Number List understand the irony of a post and will react in the first degree to a publication that is supposed to be humorous. Your brand lover His propensity to comment on every tweet or like ALL Facebook and G+ posts is sometimes frightening.

We would even come to wonder if he will not be waiting for you when you leave the office in the evening. The spelling handicapped No, it’s not Babor who takes his pen but one of your followers who asks you a question. Your eyes are bleeding, be strong. The quibbler He will constantly try to correct you and show you that you are wrong, and he is right. This can concern spelling, numbers, a date, a place… In short, he knows, you don’t. The conspiracy paranoid No need to be CM of the NSA page to deal with conspirators of all stripes. And yes, even when you take care of a brand’s page, some Internet users have the unfortunate tendency to see you as an agent in the pay of occult powers.

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