The 10 Worst Website Practices

Internet, what a great invention. Yes, well, not all the time… We’ve all had a tantrum in front of a site. The reasons can be many: a disastrous design, spelling mistakes worthy of the best skyblogs, pop-ups that arrive from everywhere… Everyone has their little pet peeve, which they place above all the rest. But there are still certain practices that are unanimous. We have selected 11 of them, which would deserve the establishment of virtual fines for the culprits. To pay in bitcoins? Auto play videos You are quietly doing your morning watch when, in the middle of your 17 open tabs, a sound is heard. But where ? It will take you a few minutes to find the cursed page… If you’re not a fan of headphones, this can be a good opportunity to wake up the whole house, to bang the poster in the open space or to become crazy . Yes, auto play videos have multiplied at the same time as some agencies have started to pay by number of videos viewed and this figure has become one of the important metrics for reporting.

The Abusive Interstitial


However, this remains a more than dubious practice. If you want to read it, a click will not be an insurmountable ordeal, will it? Auto refresh You see, there is the good and the bad Internet user. The good, he comes, and he visits lots of pages. The bad, he comes, and he forgets that he has an Russia WhatsApp Number List open window with your site. Not cool for the stats and the number of pages with advertising served. That’s why some have had fun setting up auto refresh, which will refresh your page automatically every x minutes (or seconds). Perfect when you read a long article and the page starts to reload… The pop unders It’s one of the worst practices on the web… At one time, there were pop-ups. These advertisements which opened in a new window, above the one on which you were. And it was already very painful. But there is even more deceitful: the pop-unders. These come to slide under your current window. Perfect for not noticing. It remains to find the biggest culprits: those who put this solution in place on their site, or those who pay to appear there…

The Christmas Tree From Pubs

Russia WhatsApp Number List
Russia WhatsApp Number List


NSFW content not listed The problem with the race for audiences is that some mix all types of content. Serious, professional, and much lighter to attract more people. This is the case for just about everyone, bloggers as well as more established sites. But when you’re at the office and you’re surfing on a feature article and you come across photos hotter than the late TV movie of the second part of the evening on M6, that can be a problem. Thanks for the warning… The abusive interstitial The interstitial, in small doses, why not? This can make it possible to highlight important content, or to offer loyalty tools to people who are really interested. But when it arrives from the first second of a visit to a site, when you can’t close it for several seconds and when it’s also of questionable interest… A knock from a site even before seeing what he looked like. Mail collectors This is a completely outdated marketing practice. Or not, obviously, since many still use it. Would you like to download a white paper or benefit from specific information? So thank you for leaving your name, first name, email, telephone, name of your company, your position, sizes, underpants or underpants, the best and so on.

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