11% of visitors accept cookies

These are demographic and interest data that you must specifically enable in Uganda WhatsApp Number List your GA profile. The reason it is not shown is that the data is not obtained by the GA tracking script. But by the Doubleclick network and cookies. These are blocked in standard settings as for your digital ads. It will be more difficult to run remarketing Uganda WhatsApp Number List campaigns since ad providers can’t. Use cookies to track Firefox users across sites. However, Know Your Ad’s impact does not appear to be affected, as Facebook, LinkedIn.

Disable cookies

Google and other similar scripts are still allowed to run. review: Most Google Analytics Uganda WhatsApp Number List features still work, except for demographic and interest data Conversion attribution is still available for advertising channels, except for channels that use third-party cookies Remarketing is difficult because cross-site tracking is not allowed Uganda WhatsApp Number List Microsoft Edge Current situation Microsoft’s Edge browser has a tracking prevention program similar to Firefox. It uses the Disconnect tracker list – which Firefox also uses – to separate all trackers into different categories.

Different user behavior in different countries

Then it has three levels of protection. The default level is called Uganda WhatsApp Number List Balanced. While the other two levels are Basic and Strict. At the balanced level, Cryptomining and Fingerprinting cookies and scripts are completely blocked. While ads and social tracker scripts are allowed to load, but they do not have permission to set cookies. Allows analytics Uganda WhatsApp Number List trackers to run scripts and set cookies. Influence Current edge tracking protection has little or no impact on your digital analytics setup.

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