12 Completely Offbeat Google Suggest Suggestions

Google helps us every day. It is enough to take a step back and go back a few years to realize this: what did we do when we did not have this search engine at our disposal? It’s simple, we didn’t have this need to have the answers to our questions immediately. And from a certain point of view, it wasn’t so bad… But now that the habit is there, it is difficult for us not to be able to get answers to our requests as soon as they arrive. Google is still just a tool, and it can happen that it goes off the rails (slightly). Or that its users hijack some of its features to have a little fun. This is the case, for example, with Google Suggest. When you start entering a few words into the engine’s “search” field, you will see suggestions related to the most common queries. Smart guys have managed to make meaningless sentences appear via this feature. Here is a small anthology of what can be found there funniest, in English or French. Google, what else Why only focus on Google?

Voldemort, Give Me Back My Shower Gel!


Perhaps because even the competitors have given up… The proof, Ask wonders who still uses its services. Bing vs Google Oddly enough, Bing’s and Google’s suggestions aren’t always the same. Especially when we ask the opinion of Internet users on the latest console from Microsoft… Attention, controversial subject! Voldemort, give me back my shower gel! It is true that it is painful when Germany B2B List Voldemort steals our shower gel without asking our permission and does not return it to us. There are fewer risks with shampoo… Air everywhere, chips nowhere This is one of the most common complaints when approaching the world of potato chips. But why are we selling packets with so much air and so few crisps? Obviously, so that they don’t explode into 1000 pieces… The master chinchillas of the world What, chinchillas want to eat the universe? In any case, this is what a famous photo montage that can be easily found online would have us believe.

Air Everywhere, Chips Nowhere

Germany B2B List
Germany B2B List


The man in the garden Watch out behind you! There’s a drunken Chinese man doing push-ups in your backyard! Thank you Internet for this flash of genius. The velociraptor that throws bananas In the series of Google suggests that make absolutely no sense, that of the velociraptor throwing bananas is really not bad. Long live the burritos Can Jesus put burritos in the microwave? That’s actually just part of the meme in question, which involves wondering if he could make it so hot even he couldn’t eat it. Don’t laugh, this seems to get the crowds going on some forums, it’s a real question mark. The CIA invented the dinosaurs Conspiracy theorists welcome! The CIA would therefore have invented the dinosaurs to discourage time travel. All this makes sense, everything is explained. When I’m all alone Sometimes, when you’re alone, you do strange things… At least two if you believe these suggestions: you take yourself for a carrot and you use Comic Sans MS. We wonder which is the worst. The comforters In French, it’s immediately cuter. Do comforters go to heaven? The shot of the white balls in the pickle jars is also a very good question.

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