12 Geeky Gift Ideas to Discover (and Win!)

Hey there, readers of the Moderator’s Blog! As you noticed with the blog logo change, we got into Christmas time. And you must have also noticed that we are quite fans of the end of the year celebrations, with our posts devoted to the subject, whether it is Christmas photo montages or Panama WhatsApp Number List Christmas wallpapers . We have another tradition, that of presenting you with a selection of geek gifts . We do one a year, and this list of original gifts is always a hit. This year, we decided to do better. Rather than making you want them by presenting them to you, why not offer them to you? Three partners have agreed to play the game and will therefore offer you 10 original geek gifts. Only very good, a big thank you to the Belote site online.

A Stormtrooper Bathrobe Offered


To play, you have three options: Leave a comment on this post specifying the gift and the name of the partner, Tweet the gift of your choice with the name of the partner and the link to this article, Leave a message on the dedicated Facebook post specifying the gift and the partner. In all cases, you will need to specify the gift you want as a priority and the name of the partner offering it. You have until Panama WhatsApp Number List December 18 to enter the contest. Good luck to everyone ! A Stormtrooper bathrobe offered by Beloteenligne.com dressing gown Do you like Star Wars? Do you regularly get out of the shower whistling the imperial march? You might as well take it on yourself by putting on this superb Stormtrooper bathrobe in terrycloth velour. Simply class. On sale at 58.9 euros on the geek shop.

A “mixtape One” Ipad Case Courtesy of Caseable

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Panama WhatsApp Number List


Tweet to try to win this prize → Comment on the Facebook post to try to win this prize A “Mixtape One” iPad case courtesy of caseable cassette Printed in high definition, this iPad case bears the image of our good old audio cassettes. You will be able to continue surfing Panama WhatsApp Number List without freezing your fingers! Isotoner offers you for the competition a pair of women’s gloves to choose from in its entire range. → Tweet to try to win this prize → Comment on the Facebook post to try to win this prize A Mario chess game offered by Beloteenligne.com super mario chess Play chess, why not. But in this case, you might as well do it with Mario and the characters from the famous video game, right? Each character is between 3 and 6 centimeters tall, and you will find Mario, Luigi, Peach and all the others there. Available on Super Insolite for 54.9 euros .

Tweet to try to win this prize → Comment on the Facebook post to try to win this prize A replica of the Iron Throne offered by Beloteenligne.com replica Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Do you secretly dream of sitting on the famous throne made of a sword? It might be difficult. But you can always console yourself with this 18 centimeter high replica made of high quality resin. Essential for fans! On sale 54.9 euros on the geek shop. → Tweet to try to win this prize.

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