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During the Google I/O conference on May 15 , the Mountain View company presented a new version of Google Maps . A significant facelift, quite greedy, deployed today on most Google accounts. Like all of the company’s services, the tool is very easy to access. It allows you to search for a specific location or a route in just a few clicks. But the features of Google Maps don’t stop there: dozens of tips exist to explore and discover the world. We have selected 15 of them, classified into three categories: tips related to the exploration and discovery of points of interest, those related to routes and itineraries, as well as tips dedicated to mobile applications. Exploration & Discoveries Explore the surroundings and discover the best addresses Google allows you to discover the surroundings. Start by searching for a place: several links will appear under the search field (under the title: “ Explore the surroundings ”). In Rennes, for example, we invite you to discover crêperies, wine bars and pizzas. You can also enter “ creperie Rennes ” in the search field.

Explore the Surroundings and Discover the Best Addresses


Then click on the restaurant of your choice to display the main information: name, address, telephone number, hours, photos and user reviews (via Google+ Local ). You can also view ratings from people in your Google+ circles or top reviewers. The  provide these opinions. Discover the remarkable photos of the places flown over Google Maps now allows you to discover photos of a given place. Enter the desired city or region in the search field or move the map manually, then click the double arrow in the lower right corner. A selection of photos corresponding to the displayed area appears. Just hover over the photos Czechia B2B List to find out their exact location. Several types of media are displayed: photos and slideshows. To the left of this selection, a link allows you to switch between “plane” mode and “Earth” mode. On the right, you go directly to Street View. The photos mainly come from Panoramio (a Google service, obviously). Tilt the map or rotate the view On Google Maps, two display modes are available: Plan mode and Earth mode . To switch between the two types, click on the square located at the bottom left of your screen. Earth mode allows the view to be rotated or tilted.

Discover the Remarkable Photos of the Places Flown Over

Czechia B2B List
Czechia B2B List


Thus, the North can end up on the left of the map. Just click on the arrows near the compasses, bottom right, to rotate the view. You can also tilt the map. Instead of visualizing the earth at 90°, it will be displayed at 45°. Just click on the icon present under the compass. The two functions are cumulative. Access your search history Within your Google account settings , you can turn off search history. In this way, Google does not store the queries you make on the engine. But even by disabling this feature, its equivalent remains active on Google Maps! Currently, history is not integrated with the new version of Google Maps. You automatically switch to the old version to access it, but don’t panic: the new version is not far away, just click on Maps , at the top of the page, to access it again. Click on the cogwheel at the top right, then on My addresses . A pane opens to your left, allowing access to your search history on Google Maps. Create a map on Google Maps Search history is not the only feature available on this pane. You can also access your saved maps and create new ones. Google also offers to use Google Maps Engine Lite instead of the native tool.

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