15 Tips for Google Calendar

Calendar management tool par excellence, Google Calendar is one of the major services offered by the American giant. In addition to the creation of unique or recurring events. It is possible to personalize its user experience via numerous features. Whether your use of the tool is personal or professional, discover 15 tips to optimize the Google calendar! Keyboard shortcuts Many Google services offer to use keyboard shortcuts. These are less numerous than on Gmail for example, but can be useful. Navigation: K or P to go to the previous date, J or N to go to the next date. R refreshes the calendar, and T returns to today’s date. Actions: C allows you to create a new event, E to access the details of an appointment.

Export or Import a Calendar


The delete and backspace keys allow you to delete an entry. Receive a daily email that summarizes Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number your appointments Google Calendar allows everyone to receive an email every day, summarizing the appointments scheduled for the day. To activate it, simply click on the drop-down menu, to the right of the chosen calendar (left column, under the heading My calendars ). You must then click on the Reminders and Notifications link , and activate the daily schedule. This page also allows you to modify the way Google Calendar notifies you, depending on the situations it encounters (default notifications, canceled event, etc.).

Integrate Facebook Friends’ Birthdays and Events

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Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number


Export or import a calendar Google Calendar lets you export calendars: just go to the details of a calendar to generate the corresponding file. You can choose between XML and iCal formats. To export all calendars, you must go to the settings, Calendars tab .

Your events will be imported into a specific calendar: you can therefore create one if you wish to use a calendar dedicated to imported appointments. Then simply go to the settings, Calendars tab , to integrate the events into the calendar of your choice. Also to be read Find your training to master office software Integrate Facebook friends’ birthdays and events Facebook allows you to export data corresponding to events planned on the social network. Concretely, two options are available to you. You can export: Your friends’ birthdays Planned events To do so, you must connect to Facebook, and click on Events .

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