15 Useless Practices That Waste a Lot of Time on the Internet

The Internet is really great : you can always find what you want, from quality content to well thought out and relevant online services. You can keep informed, do your shopping, keep in touch with your friends… But let’s face it: the Internet is also the best place to have fun Mexico WhatsApp Number List and waste your time. Do you ever comatose in front of your computer, you don’t really know since when, you don’t really know why? The Online-Clock.net site has gathered the 15 most useless practices that waste a lot of time on the Internet.

Check His Facebook One Last Time


Check his Facebook one last time. We never know. Maybe there’s some super important info, like a photo of a LOLdog or the last burgers your co-workers ate. Watch new videos on Amazon. Watching an unboxing video carefully is really awesome. It feels like we’ve already Mexico WhatsApp Number List received our package at home! Check that you are still holding the auction on Ebay. You never know, someone may have bid higher than yours! Track unfollows on Twitter. On the social network, the accounts that follow you and then leave are legion. So let’s check out which people unsubscribed today! One last part on Bejeweled.

The Internet Is Really Great

Mexico WhatsApp Number List
Mexico WhatsApp Number List


I promise, then it’s over! Check who’s online on Call of Duty. You did it 5 minutes ago, but whatever! Refresh Google News. Missing out on a scoop would be a shame! Go to Skype while remaining “Away”. Useless, but admit it, you do it often! Check his emails. Today, your smartphone notifies Mexico WhatsApp Number List you directly when you receive a new message; your favorite browser as well. But you can never be too careful! Check his Tumblr. Someone to comment on my latest GIF reaction? Go on Reddit. And never come back from the Internets. Go to his favorite dating site. Sometimes considered intrusive and less efficient than other assistants, Bixby struggles to convince Samsung users. In addition, it is activated via the same side button as the one dedicated to locking.

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