2. Get more customer reviews

Some ideas for getting more local business reviews include: Include comment Benin WhatsApp Number List. Calls to action in email receipts Follow up after-sales service calls with surveys Integrate buttons. Icons and badges on business websites The best way to get more reviews is to make it easier for customers to leave reviews. This is a vetting tool that you Benin WhatsApp Number List can use to see how local businesses stack up in vetting. If you are already an Advice Local partner, you can Benin WhatsApp Number List monitor, share and report on comments through our dashboard technology.

Local business reviews include:

3. Create a Google Post Never heard of Google Posts before? Benin WhatsApp Number List You are not alone! A new feature launched by Google enables businesses to offer offers and information to customers directly from search results. Once consumers click on the post, the content is displayed for them to read in full. This feature even includes button options, Benin WhatsApp Number List so businesses can provide customers with a link to learn more, book, sign up, buy, or get a quote. Google My Benin WhatsApp Number List Business – Google posts that appear in search results Above is an example of what a Google post looks like in desktop search once a consumer clicks from a Google My Business listing.

Some ideas for getting more

Posts will expire after 7 days, unless they are active posts; they expire Benin WhatsApp Number List when the active date has passed. Google posts include share icons so consumers can share posts to themselves or friends on their social media or via email for future reference. To get started with Google Posts, here are my suggestions: Make a plan or give your Benin WhatsApp Number List local business customers a plan on how to keep filling the pipeline with new Google posts. Since they can only be Benin WhatsApp Number List between 100 and 300 words, repurposing existing content into a shorter form is an easy way to meet this need. (Don’t copy the content, only the idea behind it.

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