2. Website structure analysis

You should expect your design team to take a systematic Singapore Phone Number List approach to web design, and they should provide a multi-step process throughout the design process to gradually build the visual design of your website. This approach Singapore Phone Number List will help you save time and money, and prevent unnecessary backward steps in the design process. Design an initial low-fidelity mockup (wireframe) Wireframes are designed to Singapore Phone Number List bring abstract ideas together into a loose outline of how various elements will be placed on the page.

3. Optimize page content

This step is critical because it helps all decision makers agree Singapore Phone Number List on the essential elements of the site based on the target audience and business goals. It’s also a great way to test our design ideas and think about the various elements or interactions needed. Outline what each page will look like from an architectural perspective. Singapore Phone Number List Make sure to include navigation menus, content panels, images, and other media. Create wireframes for each page of your website, organizing content panels by purposes such as News, Products, and Services.

4. Off-site optimization

Wireframes can be done by hand on paper Singapore Phone Number List (yes, it does happen!), but there are plenty of digital tools to create them faster – one of web designers’ favorites is Axure, which allows us to create interactions via drag and drop Prototyping is fast. You should expect to receive at least two revisions at this stage. Singapore Phone Number List You’ll work with a designer to get a rough idea of ​​how elements will look on a page before entering the mockup stage of the web design process. Develop high-fidelity models You’ve been designing functional but unrealistic wireframes.

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