20 Unknown Google Services to Discover Urgently

Everyone knows the search engine and many Internet users use Gmail, Google Drive or Google+. But other devilishly effective tools are less known. They make it possible to carry out very targeted actions or to obtain precise information. You probably won’t need to use these services every day. But most of them fulfill their missions perfectly and can save your life in many situations. Do you want to know the search volume related to a keyword. The trends related to searches or obtain public data? Here are the features of 20 Google services to discover urgently.

In the first place, many tricks are available to refine the search, from Google operators to specialized engines. Here are the main Google services that facilitate access to information. Google Trends: to find out about search trends – The tool allows you to view trending keywords on the search engine. You can also know the current searches by category. Simply enter a keyword to see the evolution of search volumes, geographical distribution and associated terms. Google Finance: financial news and stock prices .

Google Services to Access Information


As its name suggests, Google Finance allows you to follow financial news and the main quotations in real time. The main trading rooms, stocks and commodities are available. Google Public Data Explorer: to visualize public data – The Public Data Explorer search engine provides public data, from the unemployment rate in the United States to the French GDP. Eurostat, the World Bank and the United Malta B2B List Nations are among the sources. In particular, you can compare data from several countries. Google Patent Search: to view detailed patent information.

Google’s specialized search engine makes it very easy to find registered patents, thanks to their identification number, the company that owns them or the description of the technologies.. Google News Archive Search: Google’s archives up to the turn of the 20th century – Google News includes a handy feature for searching the archives. You can discover the articles published until the beginning of the last century. Google Flu Trends: the spread of viruses around the world – A powerful service to know the current epidemics around the world.

Google Services for Webmasters and Professionals

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Malta B2B List


You can view the spread of influenza and dengue and view data and history related to the country of your choice. Google services for webmasters and professionals Google offers many services for webmasters and professionals. Some like Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools are very well known, but other tools allow you to refine your strategy, from referencing to the ergonomics of your website. Google Ad words Keyword Tool: search volumes and similar keywords – This tool allows you to know the search Malta B2B List volumes of keywords in the world and in your geographical area.

It will soon be integrated into Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Google Consumer Surveys: to survey Internet users – This is a paid tool offered by Google to carry out express surveys with visitors. The price varies between 10 cents for a representative population and 50 cents for a targeted population. Google Sets: Find similar keywords with Google Drive – Officially, Google Sets no longer exists. This was a Google Labs feature to find similar keywords.

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