20 Word Tips for Beginners

To create documents and write texts, Microsoft Word is one of the essential software. In a professional or personal context, doc and .docxhave almost become the norm. The word processing software was launched in 1983 under the name of Multi-Tool Word before integrating the Office Pack in 1993. Since then, it has evolved well until the fifteenth version, entitled Microsoft Word 2013. If the tool is excellent, it is because it is easy to handle. But it is full of tips to know to master the word processing tool. We relied on Microsoft Word 2010 to produce our collection of features to know. But these are compatible with most recent versions. If you know of other features, feel free to suggest them in the comments! If you want to become an expert on Word, there are dedicated training courses that will allow you to develop your skills on this software.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word


Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word Like many software, Microsoft Word offers keyboard shortcuts to improve its productivity. Here are the top 15 shortcuts you need to know: CTRL+S: save the document F2: save as… CTRL+O: open a document CTRL+N: create a Italy Business Fax List new document CTRL+F: search for text in the document. F5 also works. CTRL+Z: undo an action, go back CTRL+Y: redo or repeat an action CTRL+P: print the document. CTRL+F2 also works. CTRL+G: make a text bold. CTRL+I for italic and CTRL+U for underline. CTRL+SHIFT+V: Paste text only. CTRL+V to use default paste. CTRL+F4 : close the window. CTRL+W and ALT+F4 also work. ALT+PRINT SCREEN: allows you to take a screenshot of the active window only. TAB: to move to the next cell in a table. SHIFT+TAB to go back. CTRL+Side Arrow: Moves the cursor word by word. SHIFT+Side Arrow: Select text. The last two shortcuts can be combined. Thus, CTRL+SHIFT+Side Arrow allows you to select text quickly.

Format Text and Format Painter

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CTRL+BACKSPACE deletes an entire word, etc. Most of the shortcuts mentioned in this list are available for all Microsoft Office suite software and many Windows software. You can also use the ALT key: letters will then appear, allowing you to access various sections of the software. Thus, pressing the ALT key then the 1 key saves the document. Format Text and Format Painter To format text in Word, you need to use the Home tab on the ribbon. The ribbon is the name given to the horizontal bar, placed at the top of your software. It brings together all the possibilities offered by Microsoft Word, and takes the form of a banner. Various tabs are available: File, Home, Insert, Page Setup… Then click the Format Painter button in the Clipboard section ( Home tab ), and select the text to format. It is convenient ! Frame a text or a paragraph In some cases, framing a paragraph can be useful. To do this, simply select the chosen piece, before clicking on this icon in the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon .

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