20 Word Tips for Professionals

In business, the Microsoft Office Pack is somewhat the norm. Excel for tables, Outlook for emails, Powerpoint for presentations… And of course, Microsoft Word for documents. Last week, we featured 20 Word Tips for Beginners : a guide to getting started with the tool, which we recommend you read through to get started. But if you think Word has no more secrets for you, think again! The software is full Austria Business Fax List of more or less hidden features. From converting Word files to PDF to managing macros, there’s something for everyone and for every purpose! We have produced this article based on Word 2010: differences may remain with other versions, especially the oldest ones. Convert a Word file to PDF Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013: since Microsoft Word 2010, it is possible to directly save a file in PDF from the software. To do this is very simple. Click on “File” at the top right, then on “Save as”.

Add Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar


Under the file name, you can choose the type. Click the drop-down menu and choose PDF. You can then optimize the document for online publication and printing or prefer a minimum size. Microsoft Word 2007: in this version, all you have to do is add an add-in to save a document Austria Business Fax List created in Word as a PDF. You can download it from the Microsoft site by following this link: Save as PDF or XPS in Microsoft . Once this module is installed, you can save a document in PDF using the same method as for Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013. Microsoft Word 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97: Microsoft provides solutions for converting files to PDF on these versions. The guide is here: Convert documents to PDF and Word. Adjust line spacing and spaces Often, Word automatically adds a space or at the beginning or end of paragraphs. This allows your texts to be more readable.

Set Default Clipboard and Paste

Austria Business Fax List
Austria Business Fax List


You can very well remove this space (or add it) by clicking on the following icon, within the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon . This menu also allows you to adjust line spacing. Add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar On Microsoft Word, at the top left of the window, several shortcuts Austria Business Fax List are available. By default: a Diskette icon to save the document, a first blue arrow to cancel the last action and a second to repeat it. To the right of these three buttons, a small black arrow allows you to open a menu and customize the Quick Access toolbar . You can easily add buttons, such as New , Open , Quick Print or Draw Table .

Feel free to click More commands to add other shortcuts. Also to be read Find your training to master Word Set default clipboard and paste On Microsoft Word, and as on many software, a simple CTRL+V allows you to paste content present in the clipboard. You can also click on the Paste icon on the left of the ribbon. However, it is not suitable in all cases. Sometimes you want to keep only the text, or also the source formatting, or to merge the formatting with that of the document.

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