21 Tips for Your Social Media Strategy

As a brand or business, having a presence on social media is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There is always a conceptual and strategic dimension. Practice is necessarily important to determine it, but that does not prevent us from carrying out a real reflection upstream. These practices evolve according to the tools but also the targets. Whether they are fans, followers, public or audience. The targets are above all people endowed with free will. And the power to select the messages and content that are exposed to them.

So don’t throw yourself headlong into social media with stars in your eyes, but take a step back! The notion of commitment, for example, so dear to marketers, is not an end in itself. Some even say that it is illusory. Anyway, to promote engagement on social networks, the use must be a little more subtle than a bombardment of messages or the organization of games based on squares .

As a Brand or Business


Facebook and Twitter are in a phase of monetization and have evolved significantly in recent times, studies show that the ROI (Return On Investment) of social media is not yet clear for professionals. Evolution is constant and it is necessary to adapt. Some call it somewhat Taiwan WhatsApp Number pompously digital Darwinism., emphasizing the need to innovate to keep up with the times. The worst that can happen to a brand on social networks is “stream fatigue”, this weariness of the user which will inevitably result in an “unlike” or an “unfollow”. This infographic therefore recalls certain basic rules for the use of social media for communication and marketing. We already published a similar list yesterday, suitable for managing a Facebook page.

The Notion of Commitment

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Whether for long-term strategies (community management, CRM) or ad hoc (campaigns, viral ops), certain principles are immutable.  With a greater potential for virality Cultivate your relationships don’t ignore followers fans. Who want to interact with you, be accessible Stay polite even if in front, politeness is not often respected. Stay within the framework of courtesy and respect Be patient. The results are often visible in the long term, be patient Do not scatter.  If your presence is sparse, refocus on fewer channels for more control. The importance of the blog: having an individual blog is useful for bringing your own vision to the profession Have fun: if you don’t like what you’re doing, if the challenge isn’t minimal fun, you’re not in the right direction

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