25 Tips for Mastering PowerPoint

PowerPoint is Microsoft’s software for creating presentations. It has been part of the Office Pack since the early 90s. Although today there are alternatives to PowerPoint for creating an online presentation, the software remains the most used tool, especially at work and in college. Like most tools in the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint is easy to learn but full of more or less hidden features. So here UAE WhatsApp Number List we have collected 25 tips you need to know to master the software.

You’ll learn how to present a slideshow remotely, keep your custom fonts, compress images, include a YouTube video, and convert a PowerPoint to a Word or PDF document. If you want to improve your skills on this software, you can also take training courses dedicated to PowerPoint : creating a presentation, using transitions and animations, creating slide masters, etc. Keyboard shortcuts to control a PowerPoint slideshow On PowerPoint, we can distinguish two stages: the “creation” mode and the “slide show” mode.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Control a Powerpoint Slideshow


The first corresponds to the creation of the slide show, the second to its presentation. To start a slideshow, just press the F5 key. Then, to move from one slide to another, just use the directional arrows, the Space, Enter keys or your mouse. You can also : Go to a specific slide: 42 + ENTER to go to slide 42. Pause an automatic presentation: S Stop a presentation: ESCAPE Return to the beginning. How to play UAE WhatsApp Number List a slideshow without buying PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a paid tool. If you own the software, you can create beautiful presentations.

But what if your interlocutor does not have PowerPoint? Don’t worry, your viewers don’t need to buy the software: just go to the Windows site to download the PowerPoint viewer . It’s totally free, and it allows you to view all slideshows created with Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and later versions.

How to Play a Slideshow Without Buying Powerpoint?

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UAE WhatsApp Number List


Practice ! Customize slides with slide masters On PowerPoint, within the Home tab of the ribbon, you can add a new slide. Several templates are available: title slide, title and content, section title, two contents, comparison etc. Feel free to use these templates to quickly format your presentation! Another advantage: if you wish, you can modify the models afterwards. Also to be read Find your training UAE WhatsApp Number List to master PowerPoint Add text box in PowerPoint If the template used is not completely suitable, you can add a text box. Just use the Insert tab, then Text Box. You can customize the size of this area, add a header or a footer.

Insert today’s date or time on a presentation Dating a PowerPoint presentation is very easy. Go to the Insert tab, then Date and Time. Several options are available. You can : Include today’s date (fixed or auto-updating) Include time (fixed or auto-updating) Add slide number Add a footnote You can apply these settings to all slides or to the active slide. Personalize your PowerPoint presentation with themes The Design tab of the ribbon allows you to customize the appearance of its presentation.

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