27 Google Operators to Refine Your Searches

Doing a search in Google has definitely become a thing of the past. But when looking for a very specific result, classic queries are not enough. The search engine has implemented many tricks to refine the search , the most practical of which are the search operators. There are two kinds: Boolean and advanced operators. The former are the most frequently used. While the latter are less known France B2B List but still very effective.  A very practical solution to optimize your searches. “The Moderator’s Blog” lists sites where the words The Moderator’s Blog appear .

Advanced and Specific Operators


The search -Google tips query allows to know the pages containing tips and search , but excludes those containing Google . ..: two numbers separated by colons search for all numbers in the specified range. Smartphone 200..400 euros lists phones between 200 and 400 euros. AND : excludes pages that do not contain the specified terms. Blog AND Moderator shows sites containing both of these France B2B List terms, but not those containing only one of the two.  : the asterisk is often used to know the entirety of a sentence or an expression. Who steals steals  makes it possible to find the expression who steals an egg steals an ox . OR : the operator allows you to search for one term or another.

Tricks to Refine the Search

France B2B List
France B2B List


This operator brings together the themes of a search to ensure that it is well understood. (Marvel OR DC) comic lists results for one or other of these comic books. Advanced and specific operators site.  Allows you to search the web pages of a specific site. Only lists the web pages of the Moderator’s blog. Allows to get the articles published before a given date. You can specify France B2B List an exact year or date.  Like the previous one, but this command gives you results published after the specified date.

Example: cache:blogdumoderator.com . related: add a URL after the operator to find similar pages. related:google.fr allows you to discover other search engines. define: to get the definition of a term. define: internet presents the definition of Internet according to Wikipedia.

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