3 Free Tools to Edit a Document

To share a document with a colleague or a friend, many tools exist. In the first place, email is often preferred and specialized services like Dropbox. Or Google Drive are gaining ground by facilitating sharing. Sending your documents in PDF format has many advantages. All you need is a PDF file reader to read the documents and the display is harmonized on most tools. This is not always the case with DOC, DOCX, RTF or ODT files which often cause compatibility issues.

Fortunately, there are a few efficient and free services for modifying a PDF. We have selected three that fulfill their role wonderfully. Most simply allow you to add elements to existing pages or reorganize the document. The free and open-source software Inkscape makes it easy to modify a PDF.

Edit a Pdf With Inkscape Software


It is an equivalent of the proprietary software Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape locates the images and especially the text present in the PDF to be modified. You can delete entire passages or edit them easily. You just need to edit the pages one by one and have the fonts used in the PDF on your computer.

It’s a simple tool that covers all format-related tasks: create, edit, combine multiple documents, or convert PDF files. The tool exists in a free version and also offers different paid plans. Edit PDF Online with PDF Zen In other cases, online services are sufficient. The ideal is to use this type of tools when possible, because they are lighter than a complete software to install on your computer.

Edit Pdf Online With Pdfzen

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In this regard, the PDF Zen online service is the reference for modifying a PDF. It allows you to annotate a document, add text, highlight important passages, integrate comments and draw. Other formats are supported: DOC, RTF, ODT, XLS files etc. You can download the modified document, integrate it on a website with an Embed code and share the PDF edition by email. Reorganize a PDF with PDF Escape PDF Zen is arguably the best online tool for adding elements to a PDF document.

Another service, PDF Escape, also allows you to modify a PDF document. It generally offers the same services as its competitor, but the interface is less ergonomic. However, it also has some strong arguments: it allows in particular to reorganize a PDF document: change the order of the pages, delete the pages of your choice, rotate 90 or 180°… The service is efficient and easy to use. in hand. We recently featured a selection of tools for merging PDFs . Do not hesitate to favor these online services, which are lighter, if yo

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