3 Sites to Know the Availability of Your Nickname on Social Networks

When you register on a social network, you generally have to enter a nickname. This is also the case on many sites (forums, tools, online services, etc.). If the site in question is very popular, or its usual nickname is common. It happens that the latter is unfortunately already used. Discover three services to quickly check the availability of a nickname on many sites. Know Em , for social networks, domains. And trademarks It is a very efficient  ​​and very complete – tool for checking the availability of a name on the Internet. It allows you to ensure that a name is not used. On very many social networks (classified by categories), and also supports domains. Thus, you will know if it is possible or not to create a site with such or such address.

Knowem , for Social Networks, Domains, and Trademarks


The tool provides an overview of available names, as well as a more detailed classification. For American users, be aware that it is possible to ensure. The availability of your brand name in the official registers ( USPTO database of registered trademarks). Name Checkr , to check top sites If you want Italy WhatsApp Number to have a quick overview of availability (or if you don’t want to use very specific services), we advise you to do a test via Name Check r. The tool makes it very easy to verify your nickname on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and others, as well as for the most common domain names. Name Chk , a powerful and ultra-complete tool.

Powerful and Ultra-complete Tool

Italy WhatsApp Number
Italy WhatsApp Number


You can sort the tested sites as you wish, by name or by popularity.  “Insidious” installations of search bars are legion. Daemon Tool, widely used to read iso images of CDs or DVDs, provides for the installation of Search Tool if you do not uncheck the indicated box. Even virus or spyware removal software uses this reprehensible technique.

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