3 Sites to Transfer Your Instagram Photos to Flickr

By presenting the new version of Flickr , Yahoo! struck a blow. Users can now add up to 1 terabyte of photos to the service, the equivalent of 700,000 5MB photos. The service El Salvador B2B List also offers a significant and modern graphic overhaul. A new deal that may attract many users in the coming weeks! We recently introduced you to , a tool to save your Instagram photos to Google+ . Do you prefer Flickr? No problem, here are three tools to easily upload your shots to Flickr. To upload your Instagram photos to Flickr, you can use . A connection via Instagram, a connection via Flickr and voila.

Many Recipes Exist on Ifttt


You can choose how private your photos are (public, friend and family, family, or private). The principle is to keep as much information as possible from Instagram: caption, hashtags, geolocation, date… Free the photos Free the photos is an effective alternative to. Once again, you just El Salvador B2B List need to connect to both services to start migrating the photos. You can be alerted when the process is complete (the transfer takes more or less time depending on the request). All photos are included in a Flickr album called “Instagram” that you can rename later. IFTTT Many recipes exist on IFTTT to transfer your photos. Do not hesitate to browse them, there is undoubtedly one corresponding to your needs.

Connection via Instagram

El Salvador B2B List
El Salvador B2B List


Some allow you to back up your Instagram photos to Flickr (just like Flick stagram and Free the photos), while others allow you to upload each new Instagram photo El Salvador B2B List to your Flickr account .This is a question we ask ourselves every night before sleeping and every morning when we get up. But what would Facebook’s Like buttons look like if they got a superhero makeover? You can be reassured, you will have the answer. Jaime Calderón , Colombian artist, reviewed and corrected these famous thumbs-up icons using the hands of Iron Man, The Thing, Hulk, Thor, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or even Spiderman… The result is very nice, although anecdotal. We would like to have this possibility on the social network or on our sites, we must admit that it would have more class, right?

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