3 Tools to Find the Source of an Image

To illustrate an article with a photo, several options are possible. A search on Google Images reveals many illustrations. But the copyright relating to the photographs should not be forgotten! If the rights applicable to an image are not necessarily affixed next to it. There are powerful tools to check the origin of the images. These services make it possible to find the sources of. The photographs and thus to better understand. The restrictions of use of the images found here and there on the Internet.

TinEye the reverse image search engine The principle of TinEye is quite simple. It allows you to search the web for images similar to a photograph in your possession. You can use a URL or an image stored on your hard drive. Extensions for browsers allow you to search for similar images directly via a right click.

Tineye, the Reverse Image Search Engine


The tool is efficient (although a little too flexible in some cases). Allows you to discover the closest images and those with a higher resolution. In short, it’s a good service to find the photos at the source! Check the EXIF ​​data of a photograph When a digital camera Armenia WhatsApp Number List captures an image, it generally adds a certain amount of metadata to this photo: this is EXIF ​​data, for Exchangeable Image File Format. This information concerns the shot: aperture, flash activation, date, focal length…

If data related to the photographer and copyright are not added by default, they can be integrated during image processing by the photographer. In some cases, you can therefore check this information by consulting the details of the properties of a photograph saved on your disk. Unfortunately, photographers too rarely indicate this type of data. There are also online tools to easily find out the EXIF ​​data of a photograph: we think for example of the Exif Viewer extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome . But be careful: this data can be added and modified by anyone.

Check the Exif ​​data of a Photograph

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They are therefore not always a reliable source to know if a photograph is free of rights. Google Images and the search for photographs Google offers a powerful tool to perform your image searches. It works on the same principle as TinEye: go to Google Images and click on the small camera visible within the search field to switch from text search to search for similar images. This is one of the many tips for optimizing Google search . Then you have a choice: you can import the image of your choice from your computer, or simply use the Internet address of the image to search for.

You will get several types of results: websites that embed similar images and those images directly comparable. The tool usually shows the publication date of the pages that contain the similar images, so you can trace back to the first website that published a photo in most cases.

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