3 Tools to Translate an Online Document

Globalization and new technologies allow an intensification of international exchanges. It’s great on paper, because it allows access to many online resources. But one problem comes up repeatedly: the translation of these documents. The eventual adoption of a common Slovenia WhatsApp Number List language is an impractical utopia, and few Internet users are fluent in several languages. Most master their mother tongue, even English, as best they can, but as soon as you speak German, Spanish or Italian, it’s complicated. And when you know that there are around 7,000 living languages, translating documents is a real problem… Here are three tools for translating a text, a document or a website, it could be useful to you! Google Translate Google Translate is probably the best known tool for translating text.

Translate a Word Document From Microsoft Word


The tool detects the language and more than 70 input and output languages ​​are supported. If you wish to translate a website, all you have to do is indicate its URL. You can add Google Translate extensionon Chrome to translate the web pages of your choice in one click. The web Slovenia WhatsApp Number List service also offers document translation that you need to import from your computer. Many formats are supported, such as PDFs and Word files. If you need to translate a paper document, remember to go through the mobile application.

You can translate the words on a photo in an instant, it’s very practical! World Lingo World Lingo is a simple tool to translate a file. Other features are available: text, website and email translation. Unfortunately, you can only translate a maximum of 500 words with the free version. The tool is very easy to use and supports many file types (Word, PDF, etc.). The translated version of your documents is downloaded in TXT format, whereas Google Translate only displays the translation in a tab.

Google Translate Extensionon

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Slovenia WhatsApp Number List


The advantage of this tool is that you can choose the sector, to adapt the transcription of your document into a coherent technical language. To be tested for small files! Translate a Word document from Microsoft Word If you want to translate a Word document, know that a Word tip allows it in a few clicks. It’s convenient, because you don’t have to go through an external tool to get your translation. Go to the ribbon, “Review” tab. On the left, a “Translate” button allows you to translate the complete file, only the Slovenia WhatsApp Number List selected text, just a sentence or just a word. You can of course choose the input and output languages ​​and quickly translate a file with the last settings used.

If you decide to translate the entire file, a web page will open with the transcription of your document. The rendering is rather convincing, we simply regret the obligation to use Internet Explorer to display the translation… Overall, all the “automatic” tools available on the Internet make it possible to understand a foreign document; but translating a document written in a language understandable into a foreign language will always require editing. Remember to contact a professional translator , a bilingual person or a national to correctly translate a document into a foreign language!

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