30 Tips for Google Chrome

In the family of web browsers, Google Chrome has quickly become a reference: to realize this, just look at the evolution of the market shares of the different browsers. If the statistical institutes do not all agree on the figures, they still generally recognize the flight of the browser since its inception. According to Stat Counter, it is even the most used browser, with 36% market share. On the blog, Google Chrome is in any case widely acclaimed, since you are around 40% to use it! It must be said that the tool is very powerful, correctly displaying most sites in record time. But that’s not all: many tricks exist to improve the browser.

We have selected 30 of them, do not hesitate to share yours in the comments! Increase productivity with Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts Like just about every Google service, Chrome has its own keyboard shortcuts. switch from one user to another in multi-user mode. Synchronize your data on Google Chrome The browser allows you to save and synchronize your data. In this way, you can use the same environment, the same favorites, and the same connections on several terminals.

Increase Productivity With Google Chrome


Just go to your browser’s menu (available through the button in the upper right corner), then “Sign in to Chrome”. Note that it is possible to choose which elements you want to synchronize. The data associated with your account is located in the dashboard . Print documents remotely with India WhatsApp Number Google Cloud Print This can be very practical in some cases (when traveling for example, or when using a mobile device): via Google Chrome, it is indeed possible to print a document remotely. Just go to the advanced settings of the application to activate Google Cloud Print .

Navigate between tabs with the keyboard If Alt + Tab is used to navigate between open applications on your computer, Ctrl + Tab is used to switch from one tab to another on Google Chrome! And the feature reacts like Windows when you add the SHIFT key, “backtracking”. You can also use Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 through Ctrl+8 to show tabs number 1, 2, 3 and so on. The Ctrl + 9 shortcut is quite special since it allows you to display the last open tab.

Navigate Between Tabs With the Keyboard

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Autofill forms Via the (advanced) settings of the browser, it is possible to configure the automatic filling of forms. No more long minutes wasted tirelessly filling in your surname, first name, address, phone number, nickname, email address… Google Chrome can remember everything for you. If you wish (only), the browser can also retain your bank details. A feature that can be handy, but should be used with care. Send a page to your mobile, and vice versa This is a feature that can be used, but to be handled with care. Indeed, Chrome allows you to view open tabs on another device.

Understand that with your computer, you will be able to open the tabs present on your phone, your tablet, or any other synchronized terminal. To activate the option, you must go to the Google Chrome synchronization settings, and check the Open tabs box . When opening a new tab, in the lower right corner, a new Other devices option is available to you to retrieve your web pages. You can also send your phone the web page of your choice. The browser allows you to choose between simply sending a link, and the entire page (to view it offline).

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