4. Add your product catalog to Instagram

Is a page’s content similar or duplicated to any other page? What Uruguay Phone Number List kind of traffic did each page receive over time? For example, what happened to the traffic at different stages such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual? Uruguay Phone Number List Is this an orphaned page? Is the page still relevant? Is the page still playing an active role in your marketing? For example, are the pages generated for sales in 2017 the Uruguay Phone Number List same since 2017? Such content is an example of an orphaned page.

5. Add Instagram Checkout

Is the page authoritative? Is the page getting valid Uruguay Phone Number List external backlinks? How many social shares does the page get? Will social media content drive consistent traffic? Reports indicate that social media accounts for nearly a third of all referral traffic. Will your URLs be replatformed, or will they need to be adjusted? Uruguay Phone Number List You will need to consider your URLs on the new platform, so a comprehensive outline and redirection plan is a good idea. Teams ready to launch a new platform emission Once you’ve participated in all your content reviews and checked your SEO benchmarks, you’ll need to conduct a post-publish review.

6. Tag your products in your Instagram posts

You will need to work with your SEO team. Ideally, they will report to you the following: Recommended traffic Crawl error backlinks Top Landing Pages Internal link 404 error ranking engagement metrics conversion path Given this data, you may need Uruguay Phone Number List to make further adjustments after migrating to the new platform. Participating in migration pre-checks can help reduce the cleanup process afterward. Ready to Uruguay Phone Number List re-platform? With these things in mind, you should make your platform refactoring process a little easier.

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