4. Target long-form content

We are here to help!Learn more! 5. Effective Landing Pages Belize Phone Number List A landing page is a separate page on your website where you direct customers who click on your PPC ad. This page should be optimized to help your customers buy from you. Belize Phone Number List You can use the right keywords to find and have the best PPC Belize Phone Number List ads for clicks, but will your customers convert when they reach your landing page?

5. Brainstorm a great headline

Use these tips to build great landing pages for your Belize Phone Number List PPC campaigns: Clear contact info : Make sure to put your phone number, address, and hours of operation on your landing page to help new customers connect with your team. Belize Phone Number List Page Speed : You’ve done a lot to drive people to your site, but are slow pages Belize Phone Number List killing your conversions? Keep page load times under 3 seconds or your customers will leave before converting! Include keywords :

4. Target long-form content
4. Target long-form content

6. Competitive Research

Google’s Quality Score looks at the user experience Belize Phone Number List throughout the customer journey. It’s best to place keywords in your Google Ads campaigns and ad copy to simplify your customer experience throughout the journey. Mobile friendly : You may find that most customers use their mobile devices to search for HVAC services. Belize Phone Number List Your landing page needs to look great on mobile and desktop to attract as many potential customers as possible. Add testimonials and reviews :

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