5 Alternatives to Traditional Captchas

In order to block robots, websites sometimes use captchas. These are letters and numbers to be reproduced to prove that the user is indeed human. Google very quickly understood the double interest that this type of system could have. It uses the responses of Internet users to improve its book scanning service.

Some more original services are flourishing in order to distinguish humans from robots.. Motion Captcha when drawing replaces letters Rather than writing letters numbers. Or symbols the user is invited to reproduce a drawing. Nothing could be simpler for a human since all you have to do is follow. The shape randomly chosen by the tool: triangle, star, square, succession of waves…

Motion Captcha, When Drawing Replaces Letters


The degree of tolerance is quite well defined so you can quickly complete your drawing. As it should be if you do not stray too far from the initial shape. Users will have to play a little game to continue (place the right shapes in the boxes, score a basketball hoop, put away a toolbox…). The instructions are given in English, but the aim of the game is still understandable Norway WhatsApp Number without reading the instructions. Ajax Fancy Captcha, fun drag & drop The Ajax Fancy Captcha is also a fun alternative to traditional captchas.

The human must place the designated shape in the circle, to the right of the captcha. This system is easier than the previous one, but the instructions are important and presented in English. Picatcha, the right selection to continue Picatcha is a bit different from the others: this time, you have to select the correct elements presented (and only these).

Picatcha, the Right Selection to Continue

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Norway WhatsApp Number


It can be barcodes, drills or binoculars for example. It is a modular tool, the administrator can define himself the size of the images, their number, the language used… A free version exists and will be sufficient in most cases, the paid version simply allowing you to customize the system more. On the one hand, companies want to publicize their products; on the other, webmasters want to block robots. The goal is therefore to present an advertisement, giving a simple instruction. On the illustration opposite, we must reproduce the text present between the quotation marks, it can be the slogan of the brand for example.

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