5 Practices to Avoid on Professional Social Networks

Today, two professional social networks share the cake: LinkedIn and Viadeo . Worldwide, LinkedIn globally dominates its subject: 238 million users against 55 million members for Viadeo, according to the latest figures from social networks . But in France, the two networks are quite close, and the French are often members of both services. In any case, professional social networks allow you to improve your digital identity, provided you follow certain rules! Here are five practices that we advise you Germany Business Fax List to avoid on professional social networks to maximize your employability.

An incomplete, obsolete or non-referenced profile On professional social networks, it is important to properly complete your profile. Briefly introduce yourself, add an appropriate photo (avoid photos taken in the evening…), fill in your academic and professional background, as well as your skills. This data allows potential recruiters to identify you in minutes. Completing your profile may take time, but it’s important! Also remember to update it regularly.

An Incomplete, Obsolete or Non-referenced Profile


The information provided will be more credible in the eyes of users. Go to Viadeo’s privacy settings to adjust the visibility of your profile. You need to go to your LinkedIn public profile customization to choose which items are publicly available. mass following Unfortunately, mass-following isn’t just for Twitter. This practice should be avoided everywhere on the Germany Business Fax List Internet, but some still practice it.

To go back to the basics, let’s remember what a professional social network is: it is a digital representation of your professional network. You can contact members of your professional network more easily, or even get in touch with people close to your network. In short, we are not on Meetic, welcoming 39,540 contacts does not make sense, except for your ego. So remember to invite only people you really work with, or have worked with before. You will be more credible, your relationships will be more important than if you have thousands of professional contacts, especially at the start of your career.

Massive Spam by Private Message

Germany Business Fax List
Germany Business Fax List


Massive spam by private message This is a revolution. Who has never received a message like this on social networks? Very often, it’s not really a revolution, but a new product that your contact wishes to sell to as many people as possible… Private messages on professional social networks are not to blame for all that. They can be useful, but it all depends on the content and the interlocutor. Be relevant and don’t expect to systematically transform your contacts into prospects! Uncontrolled content Germany Business Fax List sharing Content is king . On professional social networks, content is becoming more and more important, and the trend should not run out of steam in the coming years.

The acquisition of Pulse by LinkedIn (last April) is no coincidence! On this network and on Viadeo, you can therefore share content. And we can only advise you to do it! Be careful though: if it is always appreciated to share content, spamming or flooding your contacts is useless. So avoid automating this sharing of information, and personalize it. Prefer quality over quantity. In the same vein, professional social networks make it possible to participate in groups. Again, when you share information, be relevant, and think about the audience you are reaching. If you post too much, or exclusively your own content, you could very quickly be categorized as spammers by other users. Synchronization of social networks Professional social networks make it possible to synchronize various accounts on social networks.

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