5 Sites to Find Animated Gifs

To express an emotion, an idea, or a state of mind. An animated GIF is sometimes better than a long speech. If services exist to create an animated GIF.  Looking for an animation made by an Internet user can be useful and saves time. We have therefore selected five specialized search engines to quickly find the right GIF for each situation. GIPHY , the reference for animated GIFs GIPHY is a simple. But effective search engine for animated GIFs. Simply enter one or more keywords in the search field to find the desired image. You can also browse by theme and search for an artist by entering their username.

GIPHY does not stop there it is also possible to import your own GIFs to feed the database and simplify sharing. But also to create an animation by importing a file then customizing it using quotes filters and stickers. The site makes it very easy to share an animated GIF. via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit or by using an Embed code.

Giphy , the Reference for Animated Gifs


The source of each GIF is indicated, as well as its dimensions. Its weight and the number of images composing the animated GIF. Capture BDM Reaction GIFs , express your emotions with animation. The Reaction GIFs service offers three features. In addition to a fairly standard search engine. You can obtain a selection of GIFs corresponding to your emotions. Or allowing you to answer a question. Are you surprised, amused, or frustrated? No problem, the site’s database is impressive and allows you to Czech Republic WhatsApp Number obtain a GIF adapted to each situation.

Capture BDM Tenor.  The GIF engine that integrates with your keyboard on mobile. Tenor is an animated GIF search engine acquired by Google in 2018. And which represents a good alternative to GIPHY. Like its competitor. Tenor offers a search bar where it is possible to indicate one or more keywords according to your needs. The platform then offers you a multitude of clips, which can be downloaded in HD version or easily shared on iMessages, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest or Tumblr. You can also copy the GIF link or its Embed code to embed it directly.

Express Your Emotions With Animation

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Czech Republic WhatsApp Number


You access the main information of the animated content: file size, duration, dimension and date of creation. Tenor offers a mobile application called GIF Keyboard, available on Android and iOS to integrate the GIF search engine into your keyboards. It is possible to download the selected GIF in SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) format, or share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Pinterest or Reddit. Embed code is also available. Note: Gfycat offers audio GIFs, with their original soundtrack for exclusive content.

Gfycat also provides a macOS application that allows you to create your own GIFs very easily, Slack, Reddit and WordPress integration as well as a mobile application available on iPhone.  Capture BDM Gifbin , a comprehensive search engine for animated GIFs Just like other engines, Gifbin lets you find an animated GIF by searching for a keyword. But that’s not all: the site offers to discover the best rated animations, the most recent GIFs, as well as a randomly selected image.

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