5 Steps to Take Stock of Your Online Presence

This is a subject that we discuss regularly on this blog. How to work on your digital identity? In other words how to control what is said about us online. And therefore the impression that people will have on us? It is of course impossible to do this entirely. To begin with, because the data that compose it are multiple. An identity is not a uniform whole. It is made up of fragments from different worlds (professional, passions, activities, music, etc.). We don’t access them all at the same time (only a glimpse) and the perception changes depending on who is watching.

And the opportunities to leave these famous traces are more and more numerous! This is no reason not to take care of the information about us that is visible. Because you have to start somewhere, Check what is being said about you This is necessarily where you have to start: what are the elements concerning you that are already online?

Check What Is Being Said About You


There are several ways you can find out. A search on Google (or even on Bing or Yahoo to complete) will give you the first elements of an answer. Of course, don’t limit yourself to the first page, even if it is the most important. Most people will stop there, but not all. Depending on the intensity of your online actions, the number of results that really concern you can vary greatly. A good way to complete Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number your harvest. Do housework You now have a number of results.

It’s up to you to classify them according to your expectations: those that suit you, those that are incomplete/outdated and those that are not relevant or worse, that bother you. If some pages (often profiles) are incomplete or outdated, go update or delete them. This is valid for all the spaces where you have control (blog, social accounts, forums, etc.). These profiles are no longer necessarily useful, keeping them is not always mandatory.

Create Accounts in Your Image

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Some sites allow these pages to be de-indexed from search engines, this can be a solution if you want to keep them aside. For results that do not suit you but to which you have no access rights (comments left here or there, interviews, quotes, etc.), you must contact the administrator of the site in question to ask him to modify the content. incriminated. If you get no results (or if content is defamatory and its author refuses to delete it), you can always contact the CNIL or file a complaint. This will be the subject of a future blog post.

Create accounts in your image Once the cleaning is done, all you have to do is ask yourself if what’s left is right for you. Is it complete in relation to the image you want to project? It all depends on your goal. The most common is employability and career management. But it’s not the only one, and sometimes your passions or your expertise on a specific subject are of great importance. It’s up to you to take stock of what you want to see appear online. If what is left is not enough, you can always create new spaces. Various profiles, participation in targeted communities, professional or personal blog…

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