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At the beginning of January, returning to the office is not necessarily easy. Motivation has remained at the foot of the tree and your good resolutions are more about your sports sessions. Than your annual goals (there are more than 11 months left to do them anyway). You would have stayed a few more days at home to rest. But unfortunately your RTT are not yet acquired. Do not panic, we have solutions for you! Buttons to pretend to be working when your boss passes by the office, sounds to take a nap by making your colleagues believe that you are typing on your keyboard like a relentless, games hidden in the office automation tools… To be taken in the second degree of course, if you seriously think about taking it easy with this site with a humorous vocation, you risk having bad surprises.

The Fake Virus


But feel free to try! Here are 5 resources on the subject. The Panic Buttons click The principle is simple. You browse your favorite sites (the Moderator’s Blog, for example), but you don’t want to be grilled with compromising images displayed on the screen. No problem, install an extension to your Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List browser that will add a special button. Click the latter to choose between hiding your browser or displaying a single page with the site of your choice. This will avoid treacherous tabs. > The Panic Button plugin for Firefox .A Panic Button extension for Google Chrome > A complete list of Panic Buttons of all kinds The Fake Virus broken Chief .

The Panic Buttons

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Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List


I can’t work, my computer is broken! What better excuse than technical unemployment to go home earlier? It also works for a small telework session. The Happy Hour site offers you several screens which will be displayed in one click, and removed by simply pressing Escape. Well, you will have to have an accomplice in the Systems and Networks division, otherwise you still risk being burned out quickly… But there is an idea. > The Happy Hour Virus website apps for napping nap If you’re lucky enough to have an office alone and closed, and you really want to take a little snooze (besides the nap has many benefits for your productivity), there are applications for that.

They will allow you to simulate the noise of a working environment, including keyboard noise. Enough to show everyone that you are concentrated, entrenched in your office giving everything on your computer. Be careful not to snore anyway, you would lose all credibility. Faker Prank for Android Play with office tools game

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