50 Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is in less than a month. You don’t have much time left to spoil your friends and family, so don’t hesitate! Last year, we selected no less than 40 geek gifts … And this year, 50 gifts were chosen: something to delight all your friends, from Star Wars fans to Mario and Luigi fans. You can browse our selection or go directly to your favorite category. Also discover the decorations for a Geek Christmas ! The Top 10 Star Wars Gifts For social media fans For those who prefer the Super NES to the Xbox Accessories for smartphones and tablets For those who are not afraid of zombies “Special” selections Unusual gifts for Geek The Top 10 Star Wars Gifts .we have what you need: ice cubes in the image of Star Wars, and the models are numerous: the Death Star, stormtroopers, X-Wing ships or the Millennium Falcon! 3.

The Top 10 Star Wars Gifts


Kill two birds with one stone by offering this piggy bank with the image of the famous R2-D2. Its owner will be able to store his savings and enjoy a beautiful replica of the droid from the Star Wars series. 4. Darth Vader Voice Changer . Imitating the voice and breath Netherlands WhatsApp Number of Darth Vader is not always easy… You will do it much better by using this dedicated voice changer! 5. Voice Activated R2-D2 – $199.95 With this real replica of R2-D2, you’ll feel like you have your own droid at home! He responds to orders and questions, and can re-enact some cult scenes from the Star Wars movies.

6. Star Wars bathrobe – €64.90 To have class in the morning, you have the choice: look like a master of the Jedi order or wear the colors of the galactic empire! A bathrobe with the image of Yoda is also available. If you want and for the same price, you can get the Strom troopers bathrobe. 7. R2-D2 pizza cutter – €16.90 Loving Star Wars and pizzas is not necessarily incompatible. The proof with this real pizza cutter in the image of the famous droid from the film. 8. Master Yoda USB Figure .

 Master Yoda USB Figure

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To protect his office, nothing like a USB figurine that represents Yoda. The Jedi Master activates his lightsaber as soon as he sees a stranger on the horizon, enough to work calmly! 9. R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub – €32.90 Although computers today have many USB sockets, it can be useful to have 4 on hand; and it’s even better when it’s a replica of the famous robot. we have selected these cufflinks in the image of R2-D2, both of which hide a 2 GB USB key. Something to impress at the next Jedi Council.

For social media fans 11. “Like” plaque – €7.90 Are you jealous of doctors, lawyers and psychologists? A metal plaque now exists for Facebook fans! 4 holes allow you to screw it where you want. 12. Twitter Mug – €10.90 To have your coffee early in the morning, there’s nothing like a mug in the colors of Twitter. A bird reminiscent of the famous Larry is represented on the cup, and the handle is in the shape of a sharp.

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