6. Full access to your data

When they manage their own PPC campaigns, they are driving paid traffic to El Salvador WhatsApp Number List the homepage. Below are the average data for January before implementing landing pages and dynamic trackable phone numbers. Before | January Monthly PPC Data: Ad spend: $456.31 Clicks: 224 Convert: 3 Conversion Rate Percentage: 1.36% In February, after El Salvador WhatsApp Number List we changed our strategy and implemented dynamic trackable calls on our landing pages, we saw a huge spike in conversion percentages.

7. No data limit

After | February Monthly PPC Data: Ad spend: $451.94 Clicks: 257 Conversions: El Salvador WhatsApp Number List 17 Conversion Rate Percentage: 6.60% A few notes about this test In January, before phone tracking El Salvador WhatsApp Number List was implemented, Grand on the Polaris website didn’t track phone conversions (a mistake many PPC marketers make). More conversions may occur, but since there is no dynamic phone number on the homepage. Comparing January and February is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. There is some seasonality that may affect the results.

8. Opt out

However, according to clients, January and February rents are relatively El Salvador WhatsApp Number List similar, so this shouldn’t have much of an impact. With landing pages and dynamic IDs implemented, display remarketing is in place.   Many online marketers don’t properly track phone calls and attribute them to the right ad source. By implementing a solid strategy of dynamic call tracking and incorporating this strategy into your landing pages, it is possible to drastically increase your conversion rate.

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