6 Years and 4,000 Articles Published, Thank You All!

Today is a special day for the Moderator’s Blog. The blog has officially been active for 6 years! The first post appeared on February 20, 2007. A lot of ground has been covered since then, and almost 10 million visits later. The blog has become what you can see today. The topics covered have evolved over the course of innovations. But the topics that are close to our hearts have remained at the center of our publications. Digital identity social networks practical online tools and advice for both better use of the web. And take advantage of the tools that allow you to manage your presence.

6 years have passed, and chance of the calendar, this post is the 4000° to be published. But that’s not all: we switched from Dot clear to WordPress last summer for our third version. More than fifteen ebooks and surveys have emerged, the last being fresh this morning: Using Facebook better: tips, advice and tools to manage your digital identity . You are also more and more likely to follow us on Facebook (the 10,000 mark will be crossed in the next few hours), Google Plus and Twitter.

Chance of the Calendar


A big thank you to all therefore, to regular or occasional readers, to fellow bloggers who will recognize themselves, to the members of Twitter, Google Plus and other Facebook who relay our news… And of course to all those who wrote on this blog: Anne-Laure, Guirec, Marie, Maurin, Laurent… And to those who still write , since we are 4! Thomas, Hugo, Fabian and myself. Next milestone, 10 years and 10,000 banknotes? Don’t wait until then if you have any suggestions for us, the comments Denmark WhatsApp Number are there for that.User -generated content is one of the founding principles of web 2.0.

It consists of reversing the concept of linear communication towards mutual interaction, here between consumers and brands. We are therefore talking about any type of content (text, posts on social networks, images, videos) coming from users and not from brands/advertisers.

More Than Fifteen Ebooks

Denmark WhatsApp Number
Denmark WhatsApp Number


This content can arise spontaneously, as a mode of expression, or can be part of an overall strategy. For example, the American channel AMC encourages its viewers to share its best creations on the series Breaking Bad, which it then groups together on a tumblr . This can be a great way to generate engagement. Ipsos has just published the results of a study on the practice of User-generated content around the world. 18,000 Internet users were surveyed in 24 countries on the question “Have you ever posted opinions, questions, ideas or photos on a social network?” “. We therefore make a clear distinction between sharing content and posting it, whether or not it is related to a brand.

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