8 Tweets to Avoid for the Sake of Your Professional Life

The boundary between private life and professional life is sometimes thin. So thin that the two worlds can coexist, whether intended or not, under certain circumstances. And particularly online, where social networks have accentuated this porosity by mixing different types of contacts on the same platforms. We thus find ourselves having in our circles childhood friends, buddies met in the evening, colleagues, clients… And the latter are sometimes so silent that we almost forget that they are present. no reason to let go! And let’s not even talk about the fact that our profiles are sometimes open and therefore visible to everyone. This is mostly the case with Twitter, for example. The notion of real time and the spontaneity of certain tweets can create problems for their authors. We are not going to stir the knife in the wound and bring up the cases of people dismissed following blunders.

The Culprit’s Tweet Unmasked


We are not going to preach morality and dictate codes of conduct to be followed absolutely, everyone is free to act as they wish online, as long as they are ready to suffer the consequences. We have simply listed 8 types of tweets, desired or not, which can be harmful for Switzerland WhatsApp Number List most professionals. The DM fails Yes, we can exchange sweet words in DM with good knowledge, the tool lends itself to it. But sometimes, you can get the wrong button, and the drama happens. A message intended to remain private finds itself displayed for all to see: a totally subjective judgment on a colleague or a client, a fiery declaration to your superior’s wife, an admission of a day at Center Parcs camouflaged on sick leave… Too late to tell reverse, pray no one sees it, especially the person you’re talking about. A blow to be called Jean-Michel Fail.

The Mole Was in the Tweet

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Switzerland WhatsApp Number List


The culprit’s tweet unmasked Faking illness to leave for the weekend earlier… Not pretty, but some people can resort to it. Better yet, the well-found but completely false excuse to be absent. “ I have my cousin’s wedding in Aix-en-Provence, we’re going there with the 309, is it possible to leave a little earlier? “. An almost winning move, until you betray yourself with a furtive tweet, which will unmask you to your colleagues. Yes, you were at Center Parcs with Marie-Chantal. Pity. The missed act When you work in some companies, it can be complicated to know all your customers. Certainly, outside of work, we are free to express ourselves as we wish. But sometimes unfortunate coincidences can hurt you. Like in cases where you criticize a company that happens to be a well-advanced prospect or even a customer. Pity. The drunken tweet Returning from the Café des sports after a drunken defeat of his favorite club, connecting to Twitter, seeing that his colleague living in the enemy city is exulting after this contentious victory…

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