8 Useless Information to Keep to Yourself on Social Networks

Social networks have allowed everyone to speak online on a daily basis. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, everyone is free to say what they want. The amount of information available to everyone has therefore multiplied. Not to mention the sites which are more and more numerous and publish more and more. It’s been a few years that the observation is heavy: infobesity is watching us! By dint of being confronted with too many news and updates.

We end up losing sight of the important and no Finland WhatsApp Number List longer finding what interests us. This is even more true on social networks, where most of the messages you can read are uninteresting or meaningless. Blame it on the ease with which most applications and sites give in, which encourage you to share information with your friends. Except that most of the time, it is better to abstain… Here are the 8 cases where posting on your wall or sending a tweet is absolutely useless or even harmful for everyone.

Your Geolocation Information


And we are not even talking about certain habits that some abhor, such as the ability to post 15 militant messages a day on the same subject or to transform one’s profile into a giant photo album of one’s children. status 1 – Your geolocation information It’s a great classic of the totally Finland WhatsApp Number List useless tweet. Misconfigured (consciously or not), Foursquare and others potentially publish your check-ins on Facebook or Twitter. And honestly, except if it’s someone very close to us, we don’t really care if you’ve just arrived at a metro station or in a pizzeria. Except to know that you are not at home…

2 – Photos of your meals Instagram and the photo apps, combined with Top Chef, Masterchef and other cooking shows, have exploded a whole genre of useless messages: the photo of his meal. If we kept it for special occasions at the limit, why not, but this is often not the case. We come to see Findus moussakas and frozen pizzas on our timelines… Even some chefs are indignant at customers who spend more time photographing their plates than eating. 3

The Number of Kilometers You Have Traveled

Finland WhatsApp Number List
Finland WhatsApp Number List


The number of kilometers you have traveled Fitness is also a very fashionable occupation. And the connected bracelets allowing you to know information such as the number of steps taken, the number of kilometers covered during your jogging or the number of calories lost can be very useful on a personal level. On the other hand, your Facebook followers and friends don’t care at all. 4 – Your score at Flappy Bird The success around Flappy Bird is only just beginning to wane, but the next hit game to take over Finland WhatsApp Number List will feature the same kind of automated messages for you to share your score.

Worse, some do it manually, as if to encourage their contacts to look elsewhere. Two solutions: either your friends also play it, in which case you might as well tell them about it directly, or they don’t play it, in which case these messages are a fairly violent nuisance. 5 – Your automated tweets on Facebook Automation is wonderful! We can flood many social networks at the same time, by simply posting a message online in one place. Or how to make believe that we are present everywhere when not… This can lead to strange situations, like when you address a person on Twitter and that this message is taken up on Facebook. The habits are different according to the networks, the rhythm of publication too, so you have to adapt.

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