99% of French Websites Collect Personal Data

Last May, the French CNIL and 19 other data protection authorities came together around a common project. The Internet Sweep Day. Stated objective: to measure the level and quality of information from which Internet users benefit. With regard to the collection of personal data. The authorities carried out a comprehensive audit of 2,180 websites and applications around the world. The most Latvia B2B List visited sites in each country were the first targeted. And the conclusion is without appeal.

Globally, more than 20%¨of websites collecting personal information do not provide Internet users with any information related to this collection.

The French Cnil


But mobile applications are not necessarily good students: 50 % of them do not provide information on their data protection policy, while collecting this information by the shovel. The CNIL also criticizes the lack of clarity, accessibility and exhaustiveness of the explanations provided by most websites. The information is often limited to technical terms, the purpose of the collection is rarely Latvia B2B List mentioned, as is the possible sale of this data to a third party company… Finally, the sites often hide this information in undrinkable and inaccessible conditions of use. .

The authorities will now approach the sites concerned so that the law is respected, and will take legal action if these practices do not improve. Regarding France, the CNIL has audited 250 of the most visited websites in France. 99% of them collect personal data on Internet users. But not all the lights are red, because 90% of sites inform Internet users about data collection.

The Cnil Also Criticizes the Lack of Clarity


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