A Chrome and Firefox Extension to Control Your Privacy on Social Networks

We regularly introduce browser extensions to help you protect your privacy online. In order to detect possible threats to your privacy. In addition, it analyzes your cookies to check whether your browsing habits are not traced.

Once the extension is launched, several categories are available. For optimal operation, make sure you have logged in to your Facebook and Google profiles before using Privacyfix. For each option, a tooltip will appear explaining precisely how it affects your profiles. They are not necessarily to be followed to the letter. Each having different needs but they are a good basis. The other advantage is that each option redirects to the relevant settings window.

Once the Extension Is Launched


Check the default display of its news, the number of applications using your information or the automatic sharing of third-party applications, all these parameters are accessible UAE WhatsApp Number in one click. In addition to the other categories for deleting tracking cookies, it is possible to activate a life bar. This monitors the sites you browse to detect their privacy behavior (cookies, tracking, automatic sharing on Facebook, etc.). is ​​therefore a simple but complete extension, in French, which is the ideal companion for users concerned about their privacy on the Internet. A profile that perfectly matches the readers of the Moderator’s Blog.

Is social media addiction possible? No doubt we spend a little too much time there… The image below, produced by Marketo and Column Five , deals with the subject with humor, by proposing a typology of social media addicts. Even if the line is a little forced, there is no doubt that everyone will recognize themselves a little, and will also spot their entourage! So what type of addict are you?

Several Categories Are Available

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UAE WhatsApp Number


The fan of alerts : he has set up his phone to receive all possible types of alerts as soon as something happens. His phone rings whenever someone tweets, shares or comments on a post, and he drops whatever he was doing to read those alerts. Social Media Ninja: Self-proclaimed “Social Media Guru,” except everyone is one now. The Verb Maker: Turns social media into verbs. For example, he says, “I have to instagram this” or “I’m going to reddit these photos”. The vowel hater : he abandons all vowels to make the most of the 140 characters allowed on Twitter. The Blog SEO: Answers most questions with “You should read my post on this.

” The self-proclaimed influencer: he regularly checks his influence on all possible and imaginable social measurement sites. The multi-mayor: he takes the time to check in all the places he goes through. Because of that, he is mayor, duke or king of more than a dozen establishments. The fan: he uses the “Like” button all the time, instead of posting a comment. The constant checker he checks his phone every two minutes to find out how his Instagram photos. Posts or tweets are received, without any regard for the people who are with him. The anxious: he is in stress as soon as a social network is down. Still, the chances of the issue impacting his career or personal life are slim…

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