A Site to Check if Your Password Has Been Stolen

With the explosion of online services and social networks, we share our email and our passwords all over the web. Some prefer to use the same password for all tools despite the risks, while others use a unique password for each service used. If companies do their best to protect the Oman WhatsApp Number List confidentiality of this sensitive information, in particular by encrypting passwords, equally motivated hackers are doing their best to recover it. We think for example of the Adobe hack a month ago.

 Explosion of Online Services


Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious whether their credentials have been stolen by a hacker. To allow any Internet user to reassure themselves (or not). A new online service has just been launched: have ibeenpwned. All you have to do is enter your email address to find out if your email and the associated Oman WhatsApp Number List password are online. Currently, the site allows to check its presence on the lists of Adobe, Strafor, Gawker, Yahoo!, Pixel Federation and Sony hacks. In total, more than 154 million accounts are part of these lists. The site does not host identifiers: its purpose is not to disclose passwords but to inform Internet users in danger.

Any Internet User to Reassure Themselves

Oman WhatsApp Number List
Oman WhatsApp Number List


So a piece of advice, to spend the end-of-year celebrations peacefully: check if your email is present in these databases, a few seconds are enough. And if this is the case… we advise you to quickly change the password of the compromised account, as well as those of the accounts Oman WhatsApp Number List that use the same password. The level that has just been crossed is also symbolic: for the first time, 20% of Internet browsing was done via a mobile browser.

In January 2013, this mobile browsing market share was only 13% compared to desktop. These figures are not really a surprise, but they do show the constant collapse of browsing via desktop. The next symbolic step will surely be the moment when mobile browsing will overtake web browsing. And it’s only a matter of time! If you want your own statistics on web usage, Stat Counter offers many possibilities and access to valuable data. And what’s more, it’s free!

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