A Sponsored Trending Topic on Twitter to Troll the Release of Gta V

Yesterday there was an important event in the life of many video game enthusiasts. The release of the long-awaited 5th installment of the GTA saga. The release of the game completely eclipsed all the rest of the news. Especially on Twitter where the number of tweets referring to it exploded. Fun fact, one of the rivals of the franchise developed by Rockstar decided to take advantage. Of the New Zealand Business Fax List worldwide buzz surrounding the release of the game to set up a totally opportunistic “troll marketing” operation. If you know GTA V, you surely know Saints Row. Which generally uses the same elements as GTA with, however, a few differences. Yesterday, in full buzz on GTA, Deep Silver which publishes Saints Row bought the trending topic .

The Franchise Developed by Rockstar Decided


Obviously, reading his screen, everyone read #GTAV. Except that GAT is the name of one of the main characters of Saints Row (Johny Gat). And obviously the hashtag was used to advertise new Saints Row features and not the release of GTA V. Brilliant! The “troll marketing” operation New Zealand Business Fax List was very well received by users of the micro-blogging network, who saw it as high-flying trolling. It must be said that it is really very well seen on the part of Deep Silver, which is taking advantage of the release of its untouchable competitor to advertise at “lower prices”. It won’t change much in the balance of power between the two franchises, but this kind of hyper-creative and borderline publicity operation is always interesting. Even die-hard GTA V fans, as well as the specialized press, highlighted the creativity and the “fun” around this marketing troll.

Which Generally Uses the Same Elements

New Zealand Business Fax List
New Zealand Business Fax List


Only downside, this kind of operation is still not cheap, the purchase of a global sponsored trend still costs $200,000. But it remains a trifle compared to the pleasure of tickling the most expensive video game of story .Back to school is not the happiest time of the year. We still have our New Zealand Business Fax List heads full of holiday memories, the sun is starting to disappear to give way to gray weather, diaries are filling up as quickly as todolists. It’s a full time professionally, the activity is intense and the files pile up.

It’s also a good time to take stock of your work and make good resolutions. This year, you will do even better than last year! Whether you are working, still a student or in active research, it is important to start off on the right foot. And what better for that than a motto, a slogan that will serve as your leitmotif in your daily actions?

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