A Typical Day on the Internet in 1999

Remember 1999, and the beginnings of the truly mainstream web. A year before the internet bubble burst, 56K modems and living room PCs became widespread. There were only 10 million websites online, but some will remain etched in our memories as Internet users. A little nostalgic moment with this typical day on the web in 1999, which those under 20 will not be able to know. And you, were you already there too? 1 – Start your computer under Windows 95 Do you remember your war machine version 1999? A Pentium 166 Mhz (Pentium II or III for the better off), 64 Mo of RAM and 2 Go of hard disk. Connectivity level, it was rather basic: floppy drive and CD drive. Forget USB, which appeared in 1996, it was barely deployed on consumer machines… And at the OS level, you were surely under Windows 95 or Windows 98. In other words, you had to like blue screens… For apple fans, you had the chance to use a particularly innovative computer: the first iMac of the name.

Start Your Computer Under Windows 95


It was the first “all in one” computer, and the design, surprising for the time, was a real success. 2. Connect to AOL, Liberty surf, Wanadoo or Club Internet Remember that distant time when ADSL was a dream only accessible to Americans and Japanese. In France we were condemned to 56K connections via the famous Dial Up windows. And the packages of the time limited to 20 hours would UK B2B List barely last 2 days today. Nobody will have forgotten the infernal noise of the modem nor the family fights because of a busy line… For the record, here is the AOL Home Page in 1999, fortunately web design has come a long way… 3- Open Netscape Communicator or IE 5 Before going on the web, you first had to experiment with one of the two browsers of the time: Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape Communicator. AOL subscribers were “lucky” to be able to use the filthy built-in browser. At the sight of this screen, Chrome will never have seemed so welcoming and ergonomic.

Open Netscape Communicator or Ie 5

UK B2B List
UK B2B List


Go get Lycos Hard to believe but in 1999 Google is only in Beta version. For web searches it is then necessary to turn to Lycos, Yahoo! or Altavista. Only Yahoo! has stood the test of time (even if Lycos still exists) and reinvented itself. 5 – Check your emails on Caramail The star of mail services was not called Gmail in 1999 but… Caramail. And in addition it was a French service! No 15 GB storage yet (you were entitled to only 10 MB) in the cloud but to send 10 monthly emails, the service was more than enough! 6 – Online dating on AIM or MSN Let’s face it, we have all made more or less successful flirting attempts on one of the two platforms. MSN ( which became Skype this year ), launched in 1999, no doubt has a fairly impressive number of heart stories to its credit. AIM will have followed the slow decline of the AOL portal. 7 – A game of Quake III or Half-Life If web services generally age quite badly, some games from 1999 will forever remain great classics: Quake III or Half-Life in particular.

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