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Google wants to make money and this can only be done if users use the search engine to find information. So Google must give users the best content they are looking for, otherwise they will stop using their search engine. Consequently, your role is to provide Google with the best content that your potential users are looking for to solve a problem or question. holistic SEO Holistic SEO is a marketing strategy to create the best website in a specific market niche. This requires several disciplines. The technical design of your website must be excellent, the user experience on your website must be flawless, and it must be secure . Most importantly, though, your website content needs to be well-written and targeted to the audience your website serves.

This last point requires quite advanced SEO copywriting skills. Write your best content You want to be the best SME in your niche or sector. To make sure your website is the best in its niche, the text on your web pages should be nice and easy to read. Without sacrificing the quality of your content, you must modify and adjust your texts Russia Phone Number to the specific demands of search engines. The SEO copywriting process is a lot like the process of writing any other text, so it’s hard work. Inevitably, some of us are more talented at writing than others. However, we can all write a good Blog or content with proper SEO copywriting. Discover this process step by step. Always start with keyword research The first step of SEO copywriting has little to do with sitting down to write.

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First, you need to decide what you are going to write about. For what topics do you want to be found? You will need to use the keywords you want your content to rank for. That is why the first step in SEO writing is keyword research or Keywords. Keyword research is a collection of the keywords or phrases you want to rank for in Google. This process involves several steps. Why does your SME exist? Before you start the actual keyword research, you need to think about the reason for your company to exist. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. When formulating your statement of existence (I invite you to watch this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek on the subject), you should consider questions such as: who is your company and why does it exist? What makes you unique?

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What will your blog be about? Take your time to formulate and write your statement of why you exist . Remember this learning, people don’t buy what you do or produce, but they buy why you do it and produce it. List of relevant keywords Once you have formulated an existence statement, you can start making a list of Keywords. List all the search terms (keywords) you want your website to be found for. If your reason for existence is clear, you should have no problem finding search terms that apply to your niche and unique selling points. These will be the keywords you want to be found by. You also have to get into the head of your audience.

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How are you most likely to be found? What would they Google? At the end of your keyword research, you should have a list of all the relevant search terms that people might use. Also, think of combinations and variations of these terms. It is worth mentioning that you can also use tools to help you in the keyword research process. For example, there are related keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Semrush. After making a list, you may have trouble deciding which keyword or keyword phrase to use. These tools will allow you to see which of your words are the most popular. Eventually, you should have a big picture, which will be of great help in your SEO writing process. Try to think of combinations of keywords and then order the keywords by some kind of priority.

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