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Office automation tools are essential in our daily lives, especially at work. We also give you advice regularly, like these Word tips for beginners . But these tools can also be used for more personal tasks. Microsoft had fun in this advertisement extolling the merits of Excel. The tables of the famous software can thus help you to organize many things, to sort, to see more clearly in lists by taking Belgium Business Fax List various criteria into account. And why not sort out your friends to know which ones to invite to your birthday like in this sketch by Pierre Croce ? We feel the inspiration of Chris Esquerre in the tone used. It’s quite successful, and almost creepy. It would almost make you want to try.A great classic of Internet browsing, 404 pages indicate that content cannot be found. And the reasons can be many. But in the case of social networks, 404s often have less avowed explanations: suspended account, failed stalking…

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Here is what the “real 404s” of social networks would say: Twitter : “This account has been removed for acting like a total jerk” Facebook : “Sorry, this profile no longer exists, dirty stalker! » Instagram : “You know what? You can finally eat something instead of taking a picture of it” Digg : “Sorry We Moved All Our Engineers To The Washington Post” YouTube : “Go find videos of cute Belgium Business Fax List cats walking like humans somewhere else” myspace : “Justin Timberlake (shareholder of myspace) did not pay the bill on time! » For more than 404 on social networks, this illustration is really well seen. It also implicitly reflects our uses on these different networks. In recent years, touch has invaded our daily lives. A smartphone, a tablet… The models are more and more numerous and the uses are intensifying. The IPSOS institute has just carried out a study for Microsoft, on the use of touchscreen terminals in France. The conclusions are quite surprising, and show the diversity of uses.

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Belgium Business Fax List
Belgium Business Fax List


The touch screen, a popular technology One thing is certain: the French favor the tactile. Spontaneously, 59% of them use positive qualifiers to define touch screens. Modern, new, progress, practical, easy to use, simple, intuitive and fluid are the ones that come back the most. Only 22% of respondents highlight certain disadvantages: they consider that touch screens are not interesting, useless, not easy to use and not practical. Overall, 72% of respondents appreciate touch screens, 81% consider them “revolutionary”. No generational divide, but a different point of view.

While it would be exaggerating to speak of a generational divide, some differences in point of view remain according to the age of respondents: 86% of 15 to 24 year olds appreciate touch screens, compared to 56% of those aged 60 and over. Unsurprisingly, people who own a smartphone or tablet are more likely to use touchscreens (87% versus 41%). 36% of 15 to 24 year olds consider this to be a real change for society (equivalent to the invention of the printing press), compared to 19% of those aged 60 and over. When comparing the importance of touch screens to television, the gaps widen.

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