Ali and Tencent Have Changed Their Direction China Mobile Number

The announcement shows that Tencent takes advantage of its Internet advantages and scale, and Evergrande takes advantage of its community scale and property management services to jointly China Mobile Number establish an Internet community service online platform (ICS online platform) to provide community users with ordering, logistics arrangements and product or service delivery. Wait for O2O one-stop service.etc.; developing “Internet home” services to truly satisfy users One-stop solution for all-round home China Mobile Number improvement needs such as decoration, soft decoration, home appliances, etc.

They Have to Live Like Dogs China Mobile Number

The above is an abstraction of the content in the official press release. You all feel that if community O2O is so easy to do, some companies have already done it. Can we wait for Evergrande and Tencent to join forces to do it? Even if Tencent and Evergrande are Internet giants China Mobile Number and real estate giants, they have to live like dogs when they enter the community O2O market. First, Evergrande is not the first real estate giant in China to do community O2O. Before it, many real estate giants such as Vanke, Longfor, Poly, Greenland, Zhonghai, etc. raised the banner of community O2O early, but until today, Vanke has at least worked hard. In three years, Longfor also China Mobile Number has two years for almost two years. Let’s see their results, right? There seems to be no success. Vanke’s strategy has been changed again and again. It also failed to achieve the original expectations. Other Poly, Greenland, China Shipping, etc. are not worth mentioning. Now Evergrande is here?

It Also Failed to Achieve the China Mobile Number

China Mobile Number
China Mobile Number

Can it do better than other real estate giants? Still don’t have any expectations. Community O2O is not about how big the property management area is, but about what problems the project can solve and what services it can provide. China Mobile Number Those real estate developers who forcibly add so-called community O2O services to residents are mostly playing with concepts. At this stage, it is still unclear how to do community O2O. Do you think that putting on an Internet vest is community O2O? The most important thing China Mobile Number is to implement offline service functions. When offline services are in place, online is just a tool. Second, Tencent does not have the ability of community O2O, which can be assured. E-commerce is given to, search is given to Sogou, classified information has been selected for 58. Now, it can only live by guarding the WeChat entrance.

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