Aliaz a Service Dedicated to Digital Identity Exceeds 50000 Subscribers

Less than a year after its release, our aliaz service has just exceeded the symbolic bar of 50,000 subscribers. As a reminder, the site allows you to create your identity card online . Choose a serious or offbeat background image. Write a short bio and add links to the online presences you want to highlight. This will allow you to give a complete overview of your digital identity. But also to direct visitors to the spaces that are important to you. Your feedback has been very positive, thank you very much to everyone who participated in the beta phase or who shared their impressions with us.

If you haven’t created your alias yet, feel free to do so now. The free version is already very complete, you can also opt for the premium version to benefit from a domain name of your choice as well as additional options and exclusive templates made by graphic designers that we appreciate: Klaire, Jibé, Manuel Dorne and Lili the Whale.

Less Than a Year After Its Release


Aliaz also offers you practical advice on digital identity throughout the year via a dedicated newsletter, ebooks and via this blog. Contests are organized regularly (like our Christmas contest for high-tech blogs ), there should be something new soon in terms of animations, stay tuned. In the meantime, on the way to 100,000 subscribers. Makeet has a major advantage: the tool allows Estonia WhatsApp Number you to create a personalized card for Valentine’s Day. Choose from many templates, use your own photographs and modify the texts as you see fit! The service allows you to generate an e-card in your image, an attention that is sure to be appreciated! You can send your map by email, via Facebook, or save the generated file. And the number of recipients is not limited to 3 people! The service will appeal to those wishing to personalize their Valentine’s Day greeting card.

Feel Free to Do So Now

Estonia WhatsApp Number
Estonia WhatsApp Number


Unfortunately, the free version of the service does not allow creating an animated map. An animated e-card for Valentine’s Day with My Virtual Card The Ma Carte Virtuelle site allows you to create a virtual and animated e-card for Valentine’s Day. Some are very original and will surely please your other half. The tool works exactly on the same principle as CyberCartes: you choose your model, enter your name, that of the recipient(s), the date of dispatch, and that’s it. Creating a Valentine’s Day greeting card has never been easier! On this site, it is also possible to hijack the event: a model proposes to shout her disenchantment for the lovers’ party . Useful for singles who love counter parties!

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