An Afnor Standard Certifies Consumer Reviews on the Internet

AFNOR , the French Association for Standardization, is the official French standardization body. AFNOR issues well-known certifications: we are thinking of the ISO 9000, NF or even CE standards. While some of them are mandatory, others are optional. This is particularly the case of the voluntary standard to make the processing of online consumer reviews more reliable. Features of the Online Haiti B2B List Reviews Standard AFNOR has just presented this new standard.

France is the first country to adopt a standard to make online consumer reviews more reliable. The organization justifies this new rule with some interesting statistics. 89% of French people find online reviews useful or very useful 75% of French people think that some opinions are false recommendations… …and the remaining 25% are no doubt somewhat naive.

Features of the Online Reviews Standard


AFNOR presents the requirements related to the NF Z74-501 standard. Governing consumer reviews on the Internet .  Moderation the moderator masters the language of the opinion. The consumer can withdraw his Haiti B2B List opinion but cannot modify it. A charter defines the reasons for rejecting opinions.


How to Control Consumer Reviews on the Internet?

Haiti B2B List
Haiti B2B List


A website can also declare itself in good standing with the standard on consumer reviews on the Internet, without external control. The site assumes its responsibility in this case. How to control consumer reviews on the Internet? It’s obvious, on the Internet, opinions are important. But many of them are not actually left by objective consumers. Some authors promote a product for a fee, while others criticize the defects of competing products. The idea of ​​a standard can therefore make sense, but this standard must still be really effective.

The last two points of the NF Z74-501 standard on moderation and constitution do not directly Haiti B2B List concern the credibility of opinions. However, they make it possible to establish a framework for the display and management of notices on the Internet. The first point on the collection is on the other hand very interesting. But the control of the authors promises to be very complicated, if not impossible. Can websites really verify the objectivity of an author? . It would be a shame to only validate the neutral comments of Internet users, the opinions would no longer really make sense.

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